Dont Consider Yari For APC National Chairman, He May Repeat Mistakes Of Zamfara Primary Elections" - APC Northwest Youths Cries Out

The All progressive Congress, APC Youths from the Northwest Nigeria has warned the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC National Working Committee (NWC) to be very careful and vigilant with one of the Contestant, the former Governor of Zamfara State, Abdul Aziz Abubakar Yari.

According to the group, "any mistake to allow the former Governor Yari to emerge as the APC National Chairman will mean that the soul of the party have been sold and would not rest in peace, "Hon. Danlami Aminu Cries out.

The Northwest APC Youths public relation officer, Hon. Aminu Maina queried why je would be allowed to even move near the position saying; "how can somebody who denied the then APC National Chairman Adam Oshiomole's entourages access to conduct Zamfara State primary elections be allow to become the same party National chairman?

How can somebody who only if he check his memory note book will know which one of the Courts to attend to answer Corruption charges every week  be allow to hold the APC National Chairmanship seat?

As the then Governor of Zamfara State for eight years, presently Yari is facing hundreds of money laundering charges, how can somebody with these shameful records be allow to become the National Chairman of the APC? " He questioned.

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