BREAKING: Northern Politicians Critic, Mungadi Caught With Daughter's Friend.


A famous Northern Television station anchor, Mungadi of (Farin Wata TV station) is alleged to have impregnated his daughter's friend, Zamfara Newsletter have learnt.

The victim's mother who gave her name as (Maijidda Labaran) accused Mungadi of Farin Wata TV station for having canal knowledge of her daughter which resulted to three months pregnancy despite being his 5th daughter's primary school mate.

"I don't know who to trust in this world again looking at the relationship between my husband and Mungadi who has spoiled my daughter's career and something like this to have unfortunately happened, well, I leave everything in the hand of the law enforcement agency to do their job," Maijidda, mother of the victim said.

Recalled that Mungadi is a serial critic of Northern politicians on Farin Wata TV station.

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