Stop Protest, Rather, Encourage Matawalle to put more effort Into Fighting Insecurity, "


- Edmond Counsels Young women

An activist from South South Mr Edmond James has warned the Faceless unknown regional group of (Cross River Young Women in Politics) to stop using South South region name to propagate some politicians who cannot show up their face to speak for themselves as a result of so many atrocities they have committed especially Money laundering and false assets declaration. 

"Instead to beg President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to facilitate your own blood Sister Diezani Allison Maduakwe to return to Nigeria to confess to who she entrusted the wealth of Nigerian to and beg Nigerians for forgiveness, you ended up collecting money from some politicians to create bad blood between the South South and Northern politicians who have been our partners for many years, Edmond told the women angrily.

"What is your problem with someone you don't know but only being paid to protest to investigate? Instead let the person who hired you give you verified documents to go to Court if at all he is afraid to show his face he can do that through his lawyers.

"I am not here to protect the interest of any politician in this country and having never seen Matawalle in my life but the bitter truth is that the former governor is performing very well especially in handling insecurity in Nigeria."

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