The nomination of a former IGP as Special Adviser to Gov was rejected by Zamfara State House of Assembly.


The Zamfara State House of Assembly on Monday rejected the nomination of former Inspector General of Police MD Abubakar for screening and confirmation as Special Adviser to Gov Dauda Lawal Dare. 

Sources from the State Assembly confirmed the incident and said the Speaker of the House announced the rejection  of the Gov 's nomination of MD Abubakar to serve as a Special Adviser to the Gov along with other nominations. 

He said members of the State House of Assembly were provoked by the Gov following his refusal to follow due process in the awards of several contracts running into billions of Naira beyond his spending limits without seeking approval from the the legislators. 

According to the sources, the rejection was supported by the whole house.

The members also voiced their anger for Gov Dauda's refusal to consult the House in any matter of public importance, especially issues relating to security. 

The members of the House were also angry with the rampant foreign trips by the Gov without notifying the state Assembly. 

The rejection of the screening and confirmation of the former Inspector General of Police MD Abubakar as Special Adviser to the embattled Governor Dauda Lawal Dare, along with other nominees  brought about yet another strain relations between the house and the legislators.

According to the reports, the Speaker and his colleagues turned down the nomination following billions of Naira he spent on some contracts without seeking for their approval, as the projects were not budgeted in the 2023 fiscal year, adding that the governor considered himself  bold enought to hijack their legitimate legislative duties  as law makers on spending state resources with pride. One of the  members who declined to mention his name angrily  said. " One thing governor Dauda Lawal failed to understand is the separation of poweres.

"He deliberately conbines and  performs the functions of Judiciary, Legislative  and the  Executive Arms of government, particularly when it comes to  awarding billions of Naira worth of  Contracts without following due process and on security issues. "

 Another member said, "Since when the members noticed the Gov's lukewarm attitudes towards them, the Gov has been facing challenges with the members of the State Assembly.

"After rejecting the screening and confirmation of the former Inspector General of Police MD Abubakar by the State Assembly, the Honourable members proceeded on a nine day holiday." Our source said.

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