About Abubakar Dambo's humanitarian gesture, builds 4 Jumu'at Prayer centres renovates others in 14 local gov areas


Former Commissioner Ministry for Local Government and Community Development Hon. Alh. Abubakar Spawa Dambo (Jarman Bakura) is certainly a man whom Allah has specially blessed with milk of human kindness.

Latest news about Alhaji Abubakar Dambo is that he has just completed four (4) new Jumu'at Prayer centres in Damba, Talata Madara, Mareri, Bakura and also completed renovation of others in the 14 local Government in Zamfara State.

For those who don't know it, Abubakar Spawa Dambo is not new to humanitarian empowerment and services to the less privillages across the 14 Local governments of Zamfara State.

A popular politician in the entire State, only few months ago, he also empowered over 10, 000 less privilleged people, mainly women and Youths with capital and trade equipments to enhance their businesses to enable them become self employed 

Hon. Alhaji Dambo who is in his 50s was born and raised in Bukura Local government area of Zamfara State. He has remained passionate about the people of the state and wherever he sees a need to help, he readily stretches his giving nature there.

Hon. Alhaji Dambo who is also passionate about seeing youths develop through education, is also known to have in the past given scholarships to indigent students and even presently, he is known to be sponsoring many people in different stages of education in and outside Zamfara State. 

When asked in the past why he gives so generously, especially educational scholarships he humbly replied that, "education is the bedrock of any society therefore according to him his earnest wishes is to breed up the upcoming future leaders and that can’t happen without encouraging the children of the poor to actualize their dreams of becoming leaders of tomorrow."

With the new Jumu'at Prayer centres, Hon. Alhaji Abubakar Spawa Dambo has pointed out that the spiritual edification of the society, is very important to the uplifting of a people.

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