A Security Expert and the National President of APC Youths Rescue Mission, Alhaji Bello Bakyasuwa has called on Nigerians to hold former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari as solely responsible for initiating banditry in Zamfara state.

Bakyasuwa, who was reacting to the claims by the APC Acting National publicity Secretary that, Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state was harbouring banditry said, “Former Governor Yari is the genesis of the insecurity in Zamfara state as well as the northwest zone”.

Bakyasuwa asserted that, “The Acting National publicity Secretary of our great party, Mr. Yakini Nabena did not know much about the history of banditry in Zamfara, that’s why he is pointing an accusing finger on Governor Bello Matawalle”.

“Our attention has been drawn on a press release by the Acting National publicity Secretary of our great party, Mr. Soyinka Nabena alleging that, Governor Muhammad Bello Matawalle is harbouring banditry in Zamfara state”.

I don’t want to argue on what he has said because that is his personal opinion, but the fact of the issue is that, Governor Muhammad Bello Matawalle should be commended for playing the role in rescuing the GSS Kankara students”

“Mr. Nabena shouldn’t have made that comment, until he goes back to the history of banditry in Zamfara state because as a security expert, I know that what is happening in Zamfara is as a result of the handiwork of former Governor Yari”.

“Therefore, as member of my great party, the APC, Mr. Nabena should have have investigated the history of banditry in Zamfara. We are all accusing Yari for initiating this banditry as a result of his plan to win election in 2015”.

“Everyboday knows the role Yari played in the state regarding insecurity issues during his tenure”.

Bakyasuwa said, Yari was the genesis of the current happening in Zamfara state, calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hasten the arrest and prosecution of former Governor Yari.

“We are calling on the ICC to as a matter of urgency invite former Governor Yari for questioning on his full involvement in banditry activities that led to the loss of lives of thousands of innocent people”.

“Only God knows the number of people that lost their lives during his eight-year tenure. We are also calling on the federal government to investigate the huge amount he spent in that dreaded project”.

Bakyasuwa said Yari skillfully initiated banditry for political gains which has now escalated beyond control.

Bakyasuwa said “We really applauded Matawalle’s efforts in ensuring the speedy rescue of Katsina students adding that, Governor Matawalle deserves a pat on the back”.

“We commend Matawalle’s peace initiative and we are urging him to include people with  security expertise to help him come up with a sincere and purposefu reconciliation measures of ending the insurgency”.

He therefore advised the APC’s Acting National Publicity Secretary to always cross-check facts before going to press, adding that, it was not the habit of the party to join issues without concrete reasons.

He drew the attention of Mr. Nabena to remember the recruitment of Yankalare in Gombe state which led to the emerge of Boko Haram, concluding that, “the recruitment of Yansakai by former Governor Yari was responsible for the emerge of banditry in Zamfara which later extended to the entire North Western Zone”.

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