MINIMUM WAGE: Governor Dauda Lawal faces criticism from Zamfara State Civil Servants due to the "peanut" rise in the minimum wage.


Thousands of civil servants have strongly criticised Zamfara State Governor Dauda Lawal for what they consider to be a "peanuts" pay rise in the state's already-existing salary structure.

"Prior to this, my monthly take-home pay was N30,000. Fortunately, I noticed a N3,000 increase, which sent me into a state of confusion. I honestly believed it was a gift from His Excellency Dauda Lawal for wage award , but I later learned from my colleagues that it was a minimum wage that the governor had promised civil servants during his 2023 campaign" according to a level 5 Step 6 Zamfara State civil who begged for anonymity.

Additional information gathered from the Zamfara State Accountant General Office shows that the state government, led by Governor Dauda Lawal, has raised N3,000 from level One to level Six and N6,000 from level Seven to level 16, in that order. Another development is that the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC Zamfara State Chapter leadership has reportedly demanded that Governor Dauda provide a prompt explanation to the public over the development so that they may determine whether or not his actions constituted a salary award  or the outstanding leave grant owed to the State civil Servants.

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