Mal. Musa Mahmud, APC Akida forum and their memory loss problem.

Oh no; this is not the north of Sir Ahmadu Bello! Carelessly and hopelessly giving a dog a bad name in other to hang it. It's said, people who have no conscience are easily price, Mal Musa Mahmud and his APC Akida forum were uselessly price with a quarter million to run a campaign of calumny against Bello Muhammad Matawalle, State minister for defence, over a publicly celebrated issue, that by every documented evidence, he is unconnected to it, foolishly thought, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, do not know the beneficiaries of the $2.1billion arms deal and what the money was used for, therefore, will informally act on the petition. It's as well, said, a prostitute has no shame, Mal. Musa Mahmud and his forum has quickly forgotton the rebelliousness they exhibited against the thirteen governors, who stand in for the emergence of Sen. 

Bola Ahmed Tinubu as APC standard bearer to the 2022 presidential primaries and the disdainfulness exhibited against the three governors, Bello Mohammed Matawalle inclusive, who took the government of Muhammadu Buhari to the court against the plotted naira redesign, calculatively orchestrated to stop the emergence of Sen. Bola Ahmed 

Tinubu to the 2023 presidential election, which helplessly; sent millions of innocent Nigerians into painful economic hardship. Mal. Musa Mahmud and his forum has quickly forgotton the role played in the 2023 presidential election at the State level to sabotage the winning of Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in favour of the candidate of the opposition party. Here, the 'Right wing Element for P-BAT' challenges Mal. Musa Mahmud and his APC Akida forum to publicly come clean from these accusations’.

Be that as it may, and in connectivity to the issue raised, if it should there be any petition to the office of the president, Inspector General of Police, DG; Department of State Security Service, Chairman Economic and Financial Crime Commission or any other empowered enforcement outfit, in relation to the $2.1 billion arms scandal, former President Muhammadu Buhari supposedly comes first under the radar, because; his SA ( Media) Femi Adesina, ever affirmed that Muhammadu Buhari was a beneficiary to the $2.1 billion arms deal, but in the capacity as the former military Head of State, therefore; he is rightfully entitled. Similarly, all the national 

dailies, as affirmed by a Daily Trust columnist; Muhammed Haruna, excluding the Leadership newspaper, benefited from the $2.1 billion arms deal, and not to forget; Naja'atu Muhammad raises red flag against the nature and manner of the investigation, even went further to mention names, with facts and figures, but not seen any document where the name of Bello Muhammad Matawalle featured. To this regard, the 'Right wing element for P-BAT challenged Mal. Musa Mahmud and his APC Akida forum to publicly come forward with substantiated document and undeniable prove of the involvement of Bello Muhammad Matawalle in the $2.1billion arms deal, not a mere figment. On the issue of N70 Billion allegation, we are afraid, Mal. Musa Mahmud is exhibiting legal destitution, in other words, does not even understand the process of the law. There is no ambiguity on the position of the law as thus; none is guilty until proven otherwise 

Lastly, it is not in the character of the 'Right wing element for P-BAT' to fabricate falsehood to assassinate the character of any personality, unless otherwise, what has been legally substantiated. Therefore, Mal. Musa Mahmud and his APC Akida forum should go back to the presently exhumed revelation and previous records and dig deep, they will discovered that their sponsor has issues before the lawful agencies. At least; the Dzeini Alison Madueke and the Godwin Emiefescandals is on the radar, with their sponsor at the center of scandal.

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