Re: 50 bags of rice as Ramadan package to wanted bandits laughable, as attempts to tarnish Defence Minister Matawalle Name failed again.


By Auwal Danjuma Gusau.

An alleged investigation conducted  by the faked online ( The that ," the Honourable Minister of State for Defence Bello Mohammed Matawalle distributed 50 bags of rice through Honourable Musa Bawa Yankuzo to some selected bandits in Zamfara State is another desperate failed move to discredit the hard earned Name of the Honourable Minister of State for Defence His Excellency Bello Mohammed Matawalle by the opposition who have woefully failed to fulfill their  rescue slogan to the good people of Zamfara State.

Zamfara Newsletters correspondent in Gusau took a trip to Honourable Musa Bawa Yankuzo to find out exactly what happen and his alleged role for the allegation of 50 bags of rice Ramadan package to one of the most wanted bandit leader Ado Aleiro on 17 March 2024 as falsely reported by faked online paper,  fortunately his family members along with one of  his neighbors  confirmed that, "Honourable Musa Bawa Yankuzo left the Country on the 5th of March 2024 for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and is expected to arrive Nigeria first week of May 2024.

Investigation furthered reveals that The mailnewsonline.come used by Zamfara State desperate politicians to  downgrade the Honourable Minister Image does not exist in the google search that's why the Media aid to Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal  Abdul Balarabe posted the news before  convincing Opera through their usual political tricks to publish the fake news of the 21st Century.


In the same development, Abdullahi Headmaster who was mentioned in the fake news to have stored the rice, reveals to Zamfara Newsletter that, " He is in  consultation with his lawyers to sue Abdul Balarabe who first broke the news of his participation in said rice distribution scandal.

One of the supporter of the people Democratic party PDP in Gusau who refused to mention his Name and not happy with Dauda Lawal administration said that," His Excellency Dauda Lawal is using insecurity as a tools for political relevance adding that the State Exco of the PDP had warned him to not appoint the nephew of the Late armed bandits leader Buhari Daji as the Commissioner, but he rejected their advice. 

Another revelation reveals that, the Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal is happily Married to Hajiya Hurira an elder Sister to the famous world known terrorist Abdul Muttalab junior popularly known as underwear Bomber' or Christmas Bomber who Made an attempt to Bomb American Airline years back and now serving life sentence in the United States Of America prison which if such happened in any of  the European Country Dauda Lawal  will not be allow to seek for any public office and will be placed on FBI watch list for life.

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