Insecurity: Security Analysts advices gov. Dauda Lawal to change Zamfara protection guards uniform as it looked like DSS outfits.


By kayode Jimoh.

Following a circular released from the office of the National security Adviser NSA Malam Nuhu Ribadu prohibiting all the para Military personnel's from using Camouflage uniform from conducting  any operation henceforth, Some Nigerian Security Analysts advices His Excellency Dauda Lawal Dare the Executive governor of Zamfara State to re think of Changing the outfits of the newly recruited protection guards, as  the outfit is very similar to Camouflage uniform of Nigeria secret Police DSS. 

The former retired officer of the State Security Service DSS Mr, Johnson Odega who recently clock his 35 years in the service has called on Mr Dauda Lawal to respect the service outfits to avoid confusing people from identifying between the protection guards and that of DSS outfits because the two outfit looked similar, " said Johnson Odega.

Another serving DSS who  refused to mention his Name lamented that, a civilian can never distinguished the two outfit except those in the service.

"The NSA circular is a welcome development so as for every security agencies to know their respective operational Jurisdiction, another Serving retired Army officer said.

Please take a look at the two outfits and drop your comment

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