The operational operations of the Zamfara State CJTF should be checked by the federal government.

Governor Dauda Lawal Dare of Zamfara State has enlisted the Zamfara State Civilian (JTF). Today in Birnin Tudu, a district under Talata Mafara Local Government Area of Zamfara State, a peaceful Fulani man whose family house is said to have been closed to the village for more than 70 years was murdered with impunity. It is allegedly meant to aid security agencies in fighting kidnappers, and their families had never had any involvement or criminal records.

Observing an innocent person who was well-known to many locals being slain inside a town by fanatical Civilian CJTF members who had lately been hired by the state governor was a very horrible and heartbreaking scene.

Nigerians should condemn this act, which was carried out by the recently recruited Zamfara CJTF by Governor Dauda Lawal Dare. It may have been done to incite animosity between the federal government, led by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the Fulani people, who are leading Nigeria toward peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution, particularly between Fulani and farmers in the country's northwest.

Before things get out of control, this is the ideal moment for the federal government of Nigeria to quickly verify and to find out the rules of engagement given to CJTF by governor of Zamfara State Dauda Lawal and operational Ethic.

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