Zamfara politics: Meet Honourable Abdul Malik and his humanitarian vision.


Honourable Abdul Malik (Zubairu Zannnan Bungudu) is a member representing Bungudu / Maru Federal Constituency whose name has been on the waves of many media outlets for his continuous and consistent providing social amenities not to only his Constituency but across the 14 local government areas of Zamfara State.

2 Months ago, Honourable Abdul Malik in his vision to eradicate poverty and redundancy to the people he’s representing, he spent over 2 Billion Naira in training and gifting soft grant to the people he’s representing to have food in their respective tables, as there is this popular saying which said that, ” A weak mind is a devil workshop which Abdul Malik Zubairu vows to dis agree with.

A developmental visionary Abdul Malik Zubairu did not stop from assisting and providing enabling opportunity to his Constituency people alone , he recently visited some bandits enclaves in the State namely Dan Sadau, Dankurmi, and other dangerous zones giving his people hope and courage telling them that he has been having a sleepless night whenever he remembered their situation without any positive response from the state government under PDP.

Abdul Malik Zubairu Zannnan Bungudu is the fist legislator apart from the former governor of the State Bello Mohammed Matawalle to passed a night in some bandits no go arears commiserating and giving hope to the affected victims.

A lover of his people by extension Zamfara State, a man who always picked up a call anytime to hear, from his people, a man who is always thinking of how to eradicate poverty and improve educational sector in his Constituency.

I watched one of his interview which he granted to TVC some weeks ago , infact the interviewer confessed during the interview that ” in my journalism Career I had never come across with a Community developer like Abdul Malik Zubairu Zannnan Bungudu whose the good people of Zamfara State sees as the potential incoming governor come 2027.

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