Governor of Zamfara State Dauda Lawal Dare you made so much rude Statements against our president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you travelled to United States of America Chicago State University asking for the transcripts of the Nigerian Choice  you ended coming to back to  Nigeria with shame, you equally made a demand through many Media houses asking for the people Choice Bola Ahmed Tinubu to resign from office yet you didn't succeed.

You went Imo State insulting Zamfara State political actors when your party PDP appointed you to chair governorship campaign at the end of the day APC won the election with landslide. 

The parents of our abducted Federal University Gusau Females students went to your office begging you to facilitate for release of their abducted daughters you asked your security men chase them away even telling them that " even if your own daughter happened to be among them you will not interfere.

Your predecessor the former governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle who has been in Cars business even before he was elected as the member representing  Bakura, Maradun Federal Constituency who also  gifted more than 500  vehicles 10 years ago to his political supporters, today you are telling the whole world that he stole 50 Vehicles. 

You collected 3billion Naira Anchor browsers Funds from the world Bank with the promised to share to Zamfara farmers to boost Agriculture farming in the State yet no farmer benefit a Kobo from it only diverted it for your personal use and nobody bother to query you.

Federal government gave 5b Naira to each State as subsidy palliative funds to purchase grains to their electorates , still governor Dauda bought 500 bags of rice out of the Funds for the populations of more than 4 Million Zamfarans.

 Dauda Lawal Dare is nothing but a potential enermy of Zamfara State. A shortsighted politician whose if care is not taken president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC , and his predecessor Bello Matawalle will continue to be his Nightmare.

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