Tinubu 2027 Success: Osinbajo, Ameachi, others should never join forces with Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura.

... Political Analyst, Sani Nasiru Makari Warns

A story in the irrefutable newspaper Vanguard caught me off guard. It stated that "some notable politicians, especially those who lost their ambition to our hardworking president Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the presidential primaries, have joined forces to support Mr. President should he declare interest for the 2027 presidential election," said Sani Nasiru Makari, a Zamfara based political analyst.

However, the former vice president ought to be aware that he is a man of integrity, an academician, and a senior advocate of Nigeria, of whom the younger generation is extremely proud. It is our responsibility to draw his attention to anything that could damage his well-deserved reputation. 

Similarly, Rotimi Ameachi is renowned for being a straightforward, one-word man. I have also come to know him as a man of his word; as a born-again Christian, his yes is always yes, and his no is always a capital no.

Sani Makari noted that, "I am rending this advice upon my honour because I can totally assure you that Yarima will completely undermine your project or even create a misunderstanding between President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the above-listed names. Those who lost the 2023 presidential election and now want to organize a forum to rally support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and thus should not include the former governor of Zamfara, Sani Ahmad Yariman Bakura, in their coalition.

"Yarima has a history of being a political traitor. Thus, anyone who is aware of his political views should avoid ever relating to him. Example: In a Hausa interview with DCL Hausa during the presidential primary, Yarima instructed Bello Mohammed Matawalle, the then-governor, to direct the Zamfara delegates to vote for him. The former governor, who is now the Minister of Defence, then apprised Yarima that the Northern governors were opting to support Tinubu as their nominee. Yarima then sent Matawalle another message, promising to work against his ambition for a second term, which was accomplished. Are men of honour like Professor Osibanjo and Ameachi supposed to trust this kind of hypocrite and faded politician?

"An individual who, Bello Mohammed Matawalle financed and mobilized support for his first son Abbah Sani, who went on to become a member representing the Maradun Bakura Federal Constituency, later worked and devised a technical internal sabotage scheme that caused Bello Matawalle to lose his bid for a second term. Two days later, we saw him extending congratulations to Dauda Lawal Dare. Are men of integrity like Professor Osinbajo, Ameachi, and others supposed to trust that kind of person?

"Yarima can quote passages from the Holy Qur'an to politicize politics, yet he is unable to win his polling units in Bakura.

"Finally, be wary of Yarima, who is constantly trying to put food on his table.
I promise you that Yariman Bakura will disappoint you if you include him in a presidential proposal for 2027. He is a man who never changes. Sani Ahmad Yariman Bakura's current label is any ruling administration," Sani Makari noted.

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