In the dynamic era of Governor Bello Matawalle’s leadership, Zamfara emerged as the frontrunner, securing an impressive 5.2 billion from the Federal Government’s NG-Cares funds, solidifying its status as a beacon of progress.

During Gov Bello Matawalle’s tenure, Zamfara stood out, leading the pack as the Federal Government generously distributed 45.3 billion NG-Cares funds to states, with the state showcasing exceptional performance in the initial tranche aimed at mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.

Receiving a staggering 5.2 billion in the first round, Zamfara’s judicious handling of the funds and strategic investments paved the way for even greater success in the subsequent allocation of over 135 billion to states, where the state now received a substantial 10.2 billion.

Despite the monumental achievements orchestrated by Matawalle’s administration, detractors and political pundits seem reluctant to acknowledge Zamfara’s windfall.

The 10.2 billion, a testament to Matawalle’s relentless efforts, remains overshadowed by critics who, in their blame-game, risk obscuring the state’s triumph.

As the so-called rescue team takes charge, the spotlight is on Zamfara.

Matawalle’s supporters hope that the funds will be harnessed for their intended purpose, steering the state towards unprecedented benefits. However, there’s a stern warning – any misappropriation will not go unnoticed, and those responsible will be held accountable.

As Matawalle bounces back in Sha Allah, the future holds promise for Zamfara under his leadership, with the hope that prudent use of the funds will elevate the state to new heights. In Sha Allah, Matawalle’s impending return signifies a potential chapter of prosperity on responsible stewardship of the newfound financial opportunities.

Despite Matawalle’s stolen mandate, he did not derail in his mission as Zamfara people are in his mind. He bequeathed this money as contained in the records handed over. This is the appropriate time I felt this should be explained to the public. Because the faultfinders were only busy making unnecessary noise in an attempt to smear the hard earned reputation of our Principal.

Lawal Umar Maradun, fnipr, arpa,
Is former PPS to HE Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun.

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