In a shocking turn of events, on the 22nd of December 2023, Dauda Lawan, under the guise of an official trip, brazenly made away with the cars belonging to His Excellency Dr. Bello Mohamed Matawalle Maradun. It could be recalled that these vehicles, which were previously under the court's custody, were repatriated to the Government House under the directives of Dauda Lawan, and now mysteriously found their way into Dauda Lawan's convoy, as he headed towards Kaduna from Gusau.

This audacious act not only raised eyebrows but also cast a shadow on Dauda Lawan's credibility, especially in light of the allegations he had previously put against the immediate former Governor of Zamfara State, Hon Dr. Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun. Now the very person entrusted with the responsibility of a State stewardship, and who claims to be honest, upholding the law and on a rescue mission, was seemingly implicated in a blatant act of theft.

The convoy's journey towards Kaduna became a glaring testimony to Dauda Lawan's alleged misdeeds, as the vehicles were diverted under suspicious circumstances. This incident fueled public speculation, reinforcing the belief that Dauda Lawan might indeed be the real thief, contrary to his earlier accusations against Governor Matawallen Maradun.

As the news of diverting these cars unfolded, additional revelations surfaced regarding Dauda Lawan's questionable activities. One of the most striking accusations came from the former Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison, who claimed that Dauda had refused to return a staggering 9 billion dollars she entrusted to his custody when he was in the Bank. These unwholesome fraudulent activities further tarnished Dauda Lawan's reputation, exposing his ineptitude and portraying him as a figure embroiled in financial misconduct.

Consequently, the gravity of these allegations not only shook the political landscape of Zamfara State but also drew national attention. Investigations are needed as the people awaited anxiously, hoping that the truth would prevail over false accusations and media trials and an attempt to blackmail Matawalle. Finally, the story of Dauda Lawan became a cautionary account to leaders and the general public, underscoring the importance of transparency and integrity in public office.

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