2027: " I will use my Last Kobo to deliver Zamfara to PDP: says Dauda Lawal.


Before leaving  Nigeria to Kigali Rwanda for an unknown engagement, Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal Dare said, " despite the legal battle he is facing from the All progressive congress APC does not bother him but he will use his last available savings to deliver the State to whoever picks the people Democratic party PDP ticked come 2027.

"I have finally made up my mind to support either the former Vice president Atiku Abubakar.who.is my political mentor or whoever picks our party  ticket 2027, because with way things are going  in this country PDP is the only party that can electrify the suffering of Nigerian having found ourselves in one chance situations under APC government. "embattled Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal said.

His Excellency governor Dauda Lawal furthered said during the press briefing that, PDP  supporters  should not loose hope despite the series of insults he's recovering for criticizing the government of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu for bringing hardship to Millions of Nigerians in the name of building new Nigeria.

" Today Nigerian masses are suffering from removing fuel subsidy, a civil servants  can't feed his family with the meager monthly payment he's earning monthly.

Removing fuel subsidy which none sympathetic APC government under president Bola Ahmed Tinubu introduced to Nigerian is nothing but adding double hardship to Millions of Nigerians which former president Muhammadu Buhari refused to implement ,  "Dauda Lawal lamented.

Nigeria need a president who listen to people problems, Nigeria need a president with vision to make a common man happy, in this 21s century ,the former Vice president Atiku Abubakar is the only savior to Nigeria and African continents. " Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal was qoated to have said.

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