Tourism Icon, Wanle Akinboboye Releases ‘Corporate African Eco Retreat’ As 4th Tourism Product.

 Otunba Wanle Akinboboye ‘Corporate African Eco Retreat‘ (CAER) is here! It is Tourism Icon, Wanle Akinboboye’s 4th Tourism Product in the planned 52 new Tourism products to activate the local and international tourism industry. In releasing this week’s Tourism product, Corporate African Eco Retreat, CAER, Tourism Icon, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye has raised the bar, calling out the private and the public sectors into full involvement in tourism. “This week, we will be leveraging our culture especially as it concerns Corporate Nigeria or Corporate Africa,” said Akinboboye. “Our culture has been relegated to the background especially in Corporate Nigeria. It seems the more our nation grows, the more expanded we are in foreign culture. The way we dress, and where we spend money. “They go as far as China, Dubai Europe for retreat, to announce that you have arrived . But that comes at a huge cost! You can imagine the cost of tickets alone. Government officials prefer to hold their retreat outside the country, so they can collect estacode. So they go to concrete jungles abroad to hold their retreats. We have created ‘Corporate African Eco Retreat’ (CAER) to incorporate the African culture into retreats and bonding exercises. 

We will rather they bond with their culture in an eco friendly environment. As most eco resorts are in the local governments areas where majority of the poverty stricken people reside. We bring these corporate people to connect with them as they hold their retreats, creating an opportunity for them to transfer wealth. “In the past, we have had some well meaning people at retreats sponsored different categories of staff to higher education as a sort of corporate social responsibility. Without Corporate African Eco Retreat, the connection would not have been made. Akinboboye, the Tourism Icon further highlighted the importance of CAER to global warming. “When we make our natural eco system profitable then we will be able to preserve it. The preservation of our eco system, will minimise global warming. “The biggest advantage we have in Nigeria at the moment now is our 774 local governments, that is rich in nature and culture. If countryside resorts are cited in our local government areas generating revenue that is keeping the local government abreast, there will be no need to mull it down. “And these are the two major ingredients that Corporate African Eco Retreat presents, offering executives an opportunity to get away from their regular environment. 

 A retreat is a special opportunity for people to get away from their immediate environment, so they can come up with fresh ideas. Not move from their original environment to another cheap imitation of the same environment. that they are coming from, an environment they are trying to run away from. These are some of the benefits from this tourism product. Entrepreneurs can benefit by being part of packaging executive retreats, and get-aways, by partnering with our resort. “Partner with CAER and prosper,” Akinboboye added.

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