Dauda Lawal: The NGO You Hired to Tarnish the image of His Excellency, Bello Matawalle, has Goofed.


Coordinator, Matawalle Media office.

Over the weekend, the government of Zamfara state, under Dauda Lawal, hired and sponsored a gang of directionless, overzealous miscreants to conduct a kangaroo press conference in Lagos, with a view to tarnishing the hard-earned reputation and image of the former Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun.

I was opportuned to go through the briefing by the leaders of the so-called NGO, who, like their pay master, lacked the understanding of government and governance.

I wouldn’t have bordered to respond to the baseless and unfounded accusations against the former Governor by the people who have no idea and picture of Zamfara itself, talk less of happenings in the state.

I am terribly disappointed with the level of ignorance exhibited by members of the so called NGO.

The NGO, ‘Civil Society Advocacy Groups for Accountability and Probity’, rather than ridiculing the former Governor, ended up in disgracefully exposing the sitting Governor and his government, portraying it as unserious and unintelligent and a bunch of failed politicians, who greedily refused to study governance in order to understand its intricacies; who leaves its primary responsibility of governance, and who chase shadows in order to hide its inefficiency; and continue to chase the man that has served the state meritoriously and diligently.

You cannot start a government by witch-hunting and fault-finding and expect to succeed.

The NGO, a group of unpatriotic elements, embarked on wild allegations against someone who had demonstrated quality leadership; to support a man who was accused of money laundering up to the supreme Court.

The sitting Governor, who since his inauguration about 6 months ago, never stayed in his state for a complete week, but is always on foreign trips for his private businesses.

Dauda Lawal said his mission to the people of Zamfara State was to rescue it, to bring a stop to the security challenge ravaging the state and to stop the wanton killings and destruction of lives and property of innocent people.

However, the Governor neither pay attention to the promises he made to the people, nor even stay in the state to understand its complexities and to even have the understanding of government and governance.

He engages in wild goose chase where there’s none

I ask! Would you spend the whole four- years of your term fighting former Governor Matawalle, instead of dissipating your energy, thinking of how to better the lives of the people you’re claiming to have elected you?

Please, leave Matawalle alone. He is not your problem. Face the task of governance and improve the standard of living of people and security of Zamfara residents! Or, in the alternative, resign if you are not capable of executing the task that you promised and swore to execute.

In the last five months or so since you assumed office, the only song in your mouth has been, Matawalle violates one public service rule or the other. What is wrong with you Mr Governor Sir? Are you envious of the achievements of Bello Matawalle to the extent that you are overwhelmed and cannot concentrate on your job? It is obvious that you and your appointees, including the Professors you hired to misrule the state, lack the understanding of government and governance, which has robbed the people of the state of quality service delivery from your government. Just in case you don’t know, your supporters and that of your party are already lamenting the failure of good governance in their lives.

Contrary to what was promised Zamfara residents, the government has been very busy pursuing shadows in the name of fighting your successor; and trying hard without success in the last few months, to paint in bad light, the well respected former governor, who is now the minister of state for defence.

The Ink have dried and you cannot change the Will of God your Excellency!

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