Banditry: meet the bandits kingpin who is an uncle to the current Zamfara State commissioner for budget and planning.


Nigerians might be interested to know, the famous known, no mercy bandit kingpin the  late (Buharin Daji)  who was a biological uncle to  the current Zamfara State commissioner for budget and planning Hon. Abdul Malik Gajam  who is also the mouthpiece of the Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal Dare. 

Zamfara, Sokoto, Katsina and Kebbi States would never forgot so soon the atrocities committed by Buharin Daji whose name rain like a wildfire before his untimely death especially for killing, kidnapping, rapping, and ransom collection from villagers  organized and executed by Hon. Gajam uncle to the Zamfara Honourable Abdul Malik Gajam before he was gunned down by one of his another rival  bandits friend Dogo Gide in the cause of disagreement  for sharing rustle cows. 

Honestly, many people within and outside Zamfara are seriously confused and worried on which channels of vetting process governor Dauda Lawal follows for choosing a person as a commissioner that has DNA with the most dreaded bandit leader Buharin Daji?

A streets opinions that was conducted reveals that, governor Dauda Lawal reasons along his Commissioner for budget and planning Hon. Gajam   frustrating Military operations in Zamfara the State because most of the  Honourable commissioner Gajam relatives are still into bushes  terrorizing the innocents people of Zamfara State, that was why governor Dauda was always diverting and  given Federal government condition was to save the lives of his commissioner for budget and planning who are mostly carrying out  participating  bandits activities in the State.

I think if governor Dauda Lawal is serious about his decietful intention to fight insecurity in Zamfara, then he should releave Hon.Gajam from his  position as a Commissioner from office being a person with banditry history. Without doing so, then very soon he will appoint more criminals into his state cabinet and will continue to take some drastic decision that will not be favorable to the peace of Northwest.

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