H.E. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dear Mr President. Mr President we are constraints on the daily killings, maiming, kidnapping, rustling and other criminal activities of bandits in Zamfara State and indeed the North- West states. We are all distressed by the continuous wave of banditry, killings, raping and ransom payment in the zamfara state as things have gotten out of hand,this are going south by the second. In any of Nigeria's 36 states when there is an unresolved dispute, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria may proclaim a state of emergency, as per Section 305 of the constitution from 1999. This was demonstrated during the Plateau state crisis, when President Olusegun Obasanjo ordered Gen. Chris Ali to end the unrest. A state of emergency is required in the state to end the problems caused by the ongoing insurgency there, Since the state government has rejected any federal intervention, it is crucial that the federal government employ the authority granted to them by the constitution to act. With hundreds of people still held captive and the number of captives growing daily, travelers along the Zamfara-Gusau highway are being kidnapped at an alarming rate, and the number of kidnaps along the Gusau/Katsina road is terrifying, it is safe to say that nobody is safe at this time.This may be the cause of the governor's constant absence from the state because, despite the escort and convoys, it would be intolerable for him to remain there in fear of getting hurt. As someone who is deeply concerned, I implore the retired army commander in Zamfara, led by Retired General Ali Gusau, who is so patriotic that he enabled the deployment of about 20,000 soldiers during the gubernatorial elections to ensure adequate security and protection of the citizens, which was truly admirable and commendable. However, it is imperative that the general sends his troops out at this critical moment to help fight the current crisis, we hope he shows the same enthusiasm towards the state as seen during the elections. One of the most horrifying incidents to have occurred in our state, and one of the most urgent, is the kidnapping of an unknown number of girls from the Federal University of Gusau on September 22. While this incident is still ongoing, the government of Nasarawa State has negotiated with the bandits who abducted some students, and the students have since been released. As a result, the government of Zamfara State, which is so opposed to doing business with criminals, views this incident as particularly urgent. The governor has resisted attempts by the federal government to intervene, and we hope that he is aware that the parents of these girls are worried about them as well. If one of his wards had been abducted, the governor wouldn't have hesitated to take the necessary steps to bring them back. Bandits currently have complete control over the local governments of Maru, Kaura Namoda, Birnin Magaji, Tsafe, Bukkuyum, Shinkafi, and some sections of Gusau These local governments are crucial to the production of foods that are shipped to other states to fight famine and ease suffering locally,due to the rise in banditry, farmers cannot access their farms, which directly contributes to the pain and hardship of the state's farmers and citizens.i sincerely urge the governor of the state to come to the aid of these citizens. Lastly, the governor dismissed about 18,000 workers in the state,some of these workers have resorted to banditry as they have taken up arms to fend for themselves due to hardship and poverty in the state, Some people, though, have turned into bandit informants. This was a direct result of the state's large layoffs of employees. I hope the state government is monitoring the results of its judgment and has presented a plan to stop the continuation because, if not appropriately managed, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Signed : Hadiza Ibrahim Gusau.

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