O citizen of Zamfara State I think its time we all come around under the tree illuminated by the moonlight with our oil lamps to discuss a very important matter because as our elders say a single matchstick can burn down the whole village.

What is really going on in our state?

With what's going on, aren't we driving ourselves into extinction?

Why is no one saying anything?

On the 22nd of September 2023, an unspecified number of girls were abducted from the Federal University Gusau. Girls were abducted, and we are all silent !!! 

We were told to go to school, yes we did,

We were told to strive to become good representatives of our families by becoming educated. Yes, we are striving to.

Our parents invested in us so much that here we are close to graduation, so very close to achieving our dreams just to wake up in the den of kidnappers.

Zamfara State citizens, we need to wake up from this deep slumber. Mohbad was a Nigerian musician who died last week. People came out in hundreds across the world to march for him because they suspected foul play in his death,and they aren't giving up on him until they find anwsers. Yet here we are 4 days later with no news of our sisters and daughters, we should all ask ourselves this question.


No one is talking !

No one is fighting !!

No one from the federal body of the SUG or any female movement of association is saying anything!!!!

These people are barbarians 

We don't know what these girls are going through. It all started with secondary school girls, and here we are today, University students are being held hostages. Only God knows the hell they are experiencing. 

We currently have no time for political talks and accusations to any political party or class for whatever reason. This is a time when all the elders of our state need to sit and talk because, for the first time ever, i am saying this with a clear voice. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! 

It could be anyone's child being held hostage 

Tomorrow it could even be you or me!

I belong to no political party,I belong to no political movement, and I do not involve myself in any political activities. But right now, we need a voice, and I challenge every one of you to speak up for these girls.

I am soliciting with the current and past government, Emirs, Elder statesmen, and any high-profile individual in the state to help get this girls back, because they desperately need our help and with every second that passes by we waste valuable time.

Let's all rise with one voice and do the needful 

Let's get our girls back

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