100 days in office: Zamfara governor awarded contract to paint infrastructures build by Matawalle to celebrate 100 days in office.


 Billions of  Naira was earmarked by the Zamfara State governor Dauda Lawal to paint the 19 Northern governors lodge , presidential lodge and some live changing projects in the State build by the immediate administration of governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle to celebrate his 100 days in office.

History will indeed be fair to the former governor for his giant strides for the re construction of Zamfara State government House to match with the other developed  states like Kano, Kaduna, Lagos and  Rivers state as being the baby state that was neglected for development  some decades ago. 

It is a shame for governor Dauda who came with the slogan of ( Rescue) to spend Zamfara State resources on the already newly constructed and commissioned projects to take another credit that even blind can touch. Indeed this is another way of direct copyright and  stealing of Zamfara State meager resources through the so called  consultants engaged by the governor running the affairs of the State . 

A good administrator always comes with  his ideas of development and not adding paint on the projects initiated by his predecessor.

Two years ago, the then Vice president professor Yemi Osinbanjo while on official engagement to Zamfara commissioned all the projects that governor Dauda is re painting to celebrate his 100 days in office.

We will suggest to His Excellency governor Dauda  to tilt to another way of his rescue slogan to settle 3 months outstanding civil servants and pentioners liabilities in the State instead.

We will also advice Mr governor to tell Zamfara people of what he did with over 25billion Naira he received from the Federation account after the removal of fuel subsidy before celebrating painting and flowers.

We are of the opinion that the history will be fair to H.E Matawalle on standing firmed to stop Quranic description,and initiating council of Ulama's that is now converted to First Lady waiting room.

Zamfara State good governance and accountability collation group are watching.

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