ZMSG in violation of FG mining order.

Tapping the nation's common wealth especially mineral resources under the mining sector has since been stopped by the federal government following abuse and the dangers that characterized the sector with nothing coming to government pockets at all levels. 

The current government of Zamfara state under Mr. Dauda Lawal Dare however wants to go ultravires on the order and demonstrating careless attitude on its people particularly the rural dwellers in whose areas these precious natural gifts from God are found even as they are the once that suffer the presence of the natural endowments most, with stunted children and deformed parents as a result of lead poison.

Mr. Dauda has recently and secretly engaged one of his associates Bashir Hadeja who specialises in illegal mining and some Chinese nationals who he has caged to himself at the government house, Gusau to design and fashion out ways through which they can quietly track, trace, explore and exploit the minerals that abound in the state with a view to enriching themselves at the detriment of the larger community.

During the campaign seasons, Dauda and his close associates always talked about the large deposit of minerals in the state but the people did not know that the governor had ulterior motif and was planning to further enrich himself when he finally gets power as the state's chief executive.

With the illegal exercise of exploiting minerals in the state, there is high tendency of the full scale return of the already disturbing security situation of the state because it has since been established that the mining activities in the state contribute a very high percentage of armed banditry in all the areas leading to the killing of scores of innocent citizens, denial of farming activities in the most agrarian state of the federation and destruction of property.

The federal government needs to urgently call the Zamfara government to order on this matter which has already been kick started with the chief security officer to the governor, CSP Isah Audi leading the Chinese team to the identified locations for exploitation.

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