Police in Zamfara had been accused of looting valuables and luxury cars from the private houses of former Governor Bello Matawalle in Gusau and Maradun respectively.

"Under the watch of the Commissioner of Police his men led by his Deputy Commissioner Operations and one CSO Isah Augie had been ransacking houses and looting cars, food items, clothing materials as well kitchen utensil including gas cookers, spoons, and electronics” a source added 

A source said the Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations, with the CSO to the new Governor Isah Augie led the multiple illegal operations at the Gusau and Maradun private residents of the former Governor.

Another source also said Assistant Commissioner of Police CID was involved in the illegal operations conducted in Zamfara.

A relaible source informed this medium that the Secretary to the State Government Abubakar Nakwada allegedly ordered for the illegal operations for reasons best known to him.

"The police looted everything in the Gusau and Maradun residences of former Governor Bello Matawalle including the clothing materials belonging to his children" a source added.

“He carted away beds, and other marriage utensils procured for the scheduled wedding of five of Matawalles daughters end of this year”.

They bugled every room in the two houses and also looted everything including plates, cooking pots, spoons and moved with them inside branded police vans to the police headquarters at Anguwar Gwaza Gusau”.

Another source in Maradun said the police moved with bags of rice and assorted food items, while some of them moved with cartons of abandoned SWAN water to their homes.

He said some people from Maradun attempted to verify if they really had a warrant to search for the Governor’s houses in Gusau and Maradun one of the police said they didn’t have any warrant, but they were in Maradun to take away “booty”.

Another source said the police in Zamfara had removed all the window and doors of the two private houses of Bello Matawalle and resulted to a serious economic lost.

The source added, “the CP is using one Isah Augie the CSO to Dauda Lawal to be invading the houses of those that worked with Matawalle without any recourse to the fundamental human rights of the people and their family members.

"They have been beating women and molestinb married women in the name of searching for government assets and valuables"

"One of the Director of Finance to the former Governor was molested to trauma before his three wives and children even as they moved with his private vehicles and other valuable assets"

The source called on Bola Tinubu to intervene and save the APC members from the embarrassment they are facing in Zamfara state.

“We have suffered for Tinubu, but now he has left is suffering in the hand of the heartless PDP government led by Dauda Lawal and Tinubu as a matter of urgency, needs to do what is necessary and save his people,” the source added.

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