Wait till inauguration before you commence your government - Incumbent tells Govt-elect

This is to inform the general public that it has come to the attention of Zamfara state government that some members of the incoming government transition committee are currently going round ministries and Departments of government collecting information and conducting investigations into the activities of the MDAs, which is illigal and tantamount to running a parallel government, contrary to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They should take note that the present government is still in power and in charge, until May 29th.

The sub-committees of the incoming government transition committee are therefore advised to henceforth suspend such investigative activities until after handing over power to the incoming government on May 29th.

Government has already set-up a transition committee for the smooth handling and taking over of power to the Governor-elect according to the provision of constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

The transition committee of government had also met with the main transition committee of the incoming government and had reached agreement on the procedures of the handover and taking over of power. 

It is therefore an act of illegality for the sub- committees to be going round the MDAs commencing investigations before taking over power from the present government. They are at liberty to investigate anybody though, but this should be after taking over the government, please. 

The sub-committees should be aware that MDAs have already submitted all the necessary documents/information needed for the transition to the main transition committee appointed by the government. The sub-committees should therefore liaise with the main transition committee for any information they want. 

In view of the above therefore, all Ministries and Departments of government are hereby warned to desist from issuing any information to anybody without the consent of the main transition committee appointed by government. All Hon Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of parastatals should take note, please.


Ibrahim Magaji Dosara 

Hon Commissioner 

Ministry of Information 

Zamfara State 


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