The Facebook post by Hon. Nura Almajir on Friday has succeeded in bringing the hidden political crises within the incoming government of Dauda Lawal Dare in the public space.

Long before now, some of those who believed they have supported the incoming Governor with the aim of gaining lucrative political compensations had been pleading with us to burst out the crises affecting the political movement within the Zamfara PDP since after the conduct of the 2023 elections but we deliberately refused.

The reason is simple, if we started it some hopeless political supporters will find a way of given it a political coloration and eventually the alarm we are to raise may not ring laud and clear.

But now that they have started raising the alarm themselves, ours is to help them present it in a more conventional way so that people of Zamfara and indeed those outside the state may come to the term with the reality that if they have too many anticipations from this incoming government of Dauda Lawal they should lower it for now.

Before Nura Almajir blew his own trumpet, two weeks back Kabiru Yahaya Classique has cried out for what he termed as “attempt to political marginalization” by some APC politicians that crosses the political borderline to join them in the PDP and are making desperate moves to deny them the juicy part of their political sufferings now that the person they have supported is coming into power.

Not many people considered the alarm raised by Hon. Kabiru Classique seriously but people like us that understand where the problem lies and how it will consume the PDP government because of its grave implications suspected more of these revelations.

Now another APC defectee Mukhtar Lugga is at the center stage of the political accusation of attempt to cause problem for the incoming government of Dauda, what will be the fate of the incoming government?.

It is laughable indeed because, two or three  problems had eventually emerged and that will be the major problem that will dominate the incoming government of Dauda Lawal.


One is to those who called themselves pro-Dauda politicians which in my own opinion I considered as accidental politicians who do not learn the politics from its rudiments but only took advantage of the political space to convert themselves to be politicians.

They are not real politicians but they do not want anybody closer to Dauda because they have the believe that, Dauda Lawal belongs to them and any other persons who joined the political train of Dauda shall be seen as second next to them.

The second category is those APC politicians that cross-carpeted to join Dauda because they have beginning to lose relevance in the APC and only come to show for Dauda Lawal that they are the genuine politicians who knew how politics of Zamfara should be played.

We cannot rule completely that there are no genuine politicians who had been with Dauda for sometimes, but their number is insignificant, and they have been deliberately refused the political space to showcase their political talents by same Dauda Lawal political associates that we prescribed above.

Now the political crack is brought on the public lime-light, and we can burst with strict confidence that the power play between the APC defectees and the real Dauda Lawal political associates had just started.

Each group will work tirelessly to ridicule another simply to regain and sustain it’s political relevance.

Dauda on the other hand has to choose in between his long term political allies the likes of Aminu Almajir, Mugira Yusuf and rest or dropped them wisely and work with the defectees from APC for him to be able to run his government.

This power play will going to be the most dangerous political antecedent that will frustrate the incoming government added with the passion the incoming Governor has for the long-distance academics and other professionals that had not suffered an inch in building his incoming government.

Already he has tactically beginning to silence the likes of Mugira Yusuf who have sacrifices their destiny for his political successes.

The comment made by Malam Musa Yusuf Asadus Sunnah about the alleged neglect of Mugira Yusuf and alleged marginalization of Kabiru Classique is enough to convince every serious mindset that there is political time bomb awaiting to be exploded within the Zamfara PDP.

I knew many of Mugira’s status that are dying in silence due to lack of recognition and show of relevance.

As for Nura Almajir allegations against Lugga that is just a small narrative compared to what we had been hearing from some people who supported Dauda Lawal political movement and soonest more critical revelations would begin to emerged.

As for those making comments that it is too early for Nura Almajir to begin to raise sensitive issues of divisionism within the Zamfara PDP movement I have disagreed with them because the crisis is already within the domain of the public.

Mugira Yusuf had allegedly used tactics to influence Malam Asadu Sunna to voice out for him, Kabiru Yahaya Classique had also voiced out his mind the same thing with one Lawal Abdullahi Mancruiser who had been writing perspectives on the social media to show the anticipated level of injustice that may likely befall those that suffered with Dauda.

We had been talking in private with many of those strong mind that suffered to ensure that Dauda Lawal emerged and the messages coming from the button of their hearts is politically scary.

Now that Mukhtar Lugga has been identified as the major problem for Dauda Lawal as the incoming Governor as alleged by Aminu Almajir what will be his fate?

I have left the question hanging.

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