Exposed: We were Paid to Doctored Zamfara Governorship Election Results - Surpervisory Presiding Officer

As facts on Zamfara Governorship election rigging continue to emerge, one of the perpetrators of the election crime currently undergoing interrogation revealed how they were paid to doctored the Governorship election results in favour of PDP.

A source who pleaded anonymous revealed that they were engaged by the Gov- elect to Rigg the election against APC in his favour and promised to pay them humongous amount of money. 

The suspect, according to our source revealed that part of the money for the contact was paid, but some Supervisory Presiding Officers (SPOs) could not get their own shares of the part payment.

He said those who were not paid the part payment for the job decided to expose the matter to public, leading to the invitation by the Police to all those alleged to have been involved in the crime against Nigerian democracy. 

The suspects so far being interogated have confessed on committing the crime and are currently helping the police to get more facts on how the Governorship election was rigged in Zamfara State. 

Documents obtained by this medium has shown those who were used in the disbursement of the funds to the SPOs.

More facts on the election scams will be revealed to you as we get them.

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