By Zayyanu Abdullahi Gusau 

As the 2023 gubenetorial elections are fast approaching, the campaign has been suspended nationwide,hence, every politician is left with his manifesto. Meanwhile the masses have already taken up their mandate to vote for the candidate of their choice, which is why it has become absolutely necessary for the public to know who they are voting for  especially, under the platform of the PDP whoes Gubenetorial aspirant is Dr Lawal Dare. As a PDP loyalist  from 1999 to date, I felt ,it is an obligation on me to vehemently vent out the following reasons why Dr Lawal Dare should not be voted as the governor of the state under the platform of our great party the PDP.

1, Dr. Dauda Lawal does not have the political strategies and structures to win the upcoming elections.

2, It's an established fact that Dr. lawal Dare is of a questionable background, as it was learnt from the state  PDP that he happens to be a cousin of the former APC National Chairman ,Adams Oshomiole. Thus invalidating him to run for elections as he's not an indigenous citizen of zamfara. 

3, The PDP presidential aspirant Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was said to provide Dr lawal with a stock of food enough to feed a thousand people, which was directly procured for the internally displaced persons due to the banditry and other insurgency in the state, which he unfortunately diverted for his personal gubenetorial campaign.

4, Our stakeholder, Dr Aslam, has vindicated all the party members in treading videos , and she has made it absolutely clear that Dr. lawal does not have the spirit of comradeship. Dr Aslam further affirmed that, he does not care about the welfare of the people and is only seeking help in other party members when things are going sour for him, he has absolutely No regard for the party and the citizens of Zamfara at large.

5, Being Zamfara State a sharia state, its considered an abominable act when a person helps or shows sympathy to the family ,relatives, or person who blasphemed against the Holy prophet ,which I have personally seen a trending video going round on social media ,it was seen in the video representatives of Dr Dauda Lawal Dare giving out palliative to the family of Deborah Samuel who was killed in Sokoto State College of Education,where she publicly blasphem the holy prophet. It was not only unacceptable of Dr Lawal, but it was an unforgivable move by him to seek out sympathy from people by donating to the family of a condemned person. This was all done with a political motive, and it shall'nt be forgiven nor forgotten.

So the advice I have for Dr . Lawal is that he is free  to start from the house of representative, as this will aid in building his working relationship ,professionalism and it will help him  understand how important it is to uphold the needs of others above his personal intrest.

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