2023 Votes buying: Zamfara PDP gubernatorial candidate sets to distribute foodstuffs worth 500 Million Naira.


Zamfara State gubernatorial candidate Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare of the people Democratic party PDP has procured foodstuffs worth 500,000,000 to induce Zamfara State eligible Voters during the upcoming gubernatorial and Assembly  elections coming up next 10 days.

The report also gathered that, each ward in the State will receive 20,000 cartons of indomie, 20,000 parks of  Maggi Star with 10 Million Naira. 

It was also reveals that, the PDP in the State has since transferred the allocated 10,000,000, to some reputable POS operators to deliver cash to each Ward chairman  in the State with the plan to move the already procured foodstuffs to each ward 5 days to election.

An eye witness who declined to mention his name said that, " due to the fear of EFCC and other Antigraft Agencies posted to the State for Votes buying monitoring, the foodstuffs are kept in one of the  resident of the 3 star retired Army General name withheld.

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