2023: tension in Zamfara Emirates, as PDP governotorial candidate vow to Auction Vehicles ,if elected.

Barely two months to go for the nation general elections in some States, aspirants are presently convincing electorates for the favor of their Votes while some were openly rejected by their respective constituencies for the reasons best known to them. However, the Zamfara PDP governotorial candidate Dr Dauda Lawal Dare was reported to have promised through a Son in-law to the popular Spy guru General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau Hon. Mukhtari Lugga that if eventually become governor for the upcoming elections his first Assignment in office is to Dethrone 5 Emir's in the State for aiding and abetting insecurity that is bedeviling the State for a long period of time.

It was also gathered from a close Ally to the Zamfara PDP candidate Dr , Dauda who pleaded for his name to not be mention, was Quoted to have said that, "by the grace Almighty Allah once Dr, Dauda took the Oath of office all the Multi million Vehicles Matawalle administration bought and Distributes to the 14 Emir's as well as the Districts Heads would be Auction to finance the rehabilitation of the repentant Bandits in the State' " the report revealed.

Hon. Mukhtari Lugga also hinted with anger hear him," Auctioning the Emir's official Vehicles is necessary because not all of them can afford to spend roughly N130,000 monthly for periodic servicing not talk about fuelling.

Among the Emir's to be Dethrone according to report are mostly from Zamfara west Senatorial Districts along with only one from Zamfara Central Senatorial zone, the report stated

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