Zamfara: governor Matawalle the only man standing.

It is questionable to query a man on top of Iroko tree without asking how he manage got there. While some would asked and wondered considering the difficulties of climbing the tallest tree, also some could wish to see both the person on top of same Iroko tree on the ground.hahahah laughter! Indeed a very much serious one for those that believe in the miracle of elevation.

In Zamfara State where some wailers sees politics and Almighty God elevation as a crime has been trying all they could to sabotage the tremendous success of the incumbent sitting governor Matawalle by all means with black mails and unnecessary accusations yet governor Matawalle remained focused on top of same iIroko tree conceiving ideas in moving the state forward by recording progress interns of infrastructural developments.

Governor Matawalle could be best described as the most patience and forgiven gentleman to both known and unknown, that's why many people called and addressed him as the professor of political science who suddenly oppositions sees him as there political nightmare simply because Iroko tree remained very difficult for them to climb.

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