Matawalle's Govt The First And Only Administration That Give Platforms To Youths, Maintains Close Relationship With Them - Senator Marafa



Sen. Kabir Garba Marafa OFR, CON has described the simplicity of His Excellency Governor Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun as something unique.

In a brave move at uniting the aggrieved APC party members in Zamfara State, the dynamic Senator described this as something rare saying; "with majority of leaders intoxicated with power that they no longer see any progress in discussion or engagement of party unity, Governor Matawalle's gestures are worthy of emulation."

In a chat with the Directorate of Youth Mobilization, Zamfara State Gubernatorial Campaign Council 2023, Mallam Mansoor M. Haroon, the hardworking son of the soil said; "We have firm believe that His Excellency, Governor Matawalle, is the only option for good people of Zamfara State to return come 2023 Inshaa Allah."

"It amazes me enough, if I hear someone saying this administration didn't offer anything! Is there anything better than youth employment? I could vividly recall that immediately Governor Matawalle was swore into office, he re-engage a huge number of youths in various permanent and pensionable offers. This administration also provided a platform for youths to be part of the government and the first and only administration so far that demonstrates a close relationship between the government and the youths."

"Recently, over one thousand youths were engaged in health sector from different cadres, this also gave me an opportunity to serve and secure two offers for some youths, as I have learnt from my political icon Sen. Marafa."

"So far, the biggest thing that I can remember as my achievements in politics is giving out a source of livelihood to some people, through the support of almighty Allah that directs the heart of His Excellency Governor Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun, to engage youths in his administration. This would have been impossible with his inputs and the help of Almighty Allah."

"So, It's time for youths to rise and vote for people that defined their worth, if someone can hold the position of MD First Bank across the whole region but lacks interest to secure employment for a single person even within his neighborhood, how do you expect such person to respect your future? He might give you money now, he might promise you enough, but remember, man can never offer what he doesn't have, the heart of His Excellency Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun is already open to youths and this requires no lengthy explanation." He said.

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