It appears that there are more questions that need to be cleared by the Zamfara PDP gubernatorial candidate in the forth-coming 2023 election Dr. Dauda Lawal over documents he personally and desirously submitted/adopted to the Independent National Electoral Commission as statements of his qualifications to contest for the post of the Governor of Zamfara state.

The details contained in those documents are not only contradictory in nature but very confusing hence there is no certainty in both his original name and year he was born among many other complex adoptions that need to be cleared.

It will sound illogical and irrational for someone to hear that the PDP gubernatorial candidate in Zamfara is bearing four names based on the documents he submitted to the INEC certified true copy for that matter. But interestingly it has happened, how it occurs only himself or his solicitor can explain.

Many people for instance knew him to be Dauda Lawal Dare a name which is very popular in Zamfara but interestingly fresh names of the same candidate are past emerging and to the surprise of many readers the certified true copy of the documents he submitted to the NIEC have some signs of alterations which raised a serious dust about the credibility of the documents he filed before the INEC as his requisite qualifications.

From the documents available before us which are certified by the INEC, the PDP gubernatorial candidate may be bearing four names: his Primary School living certificate which was obtained from Primary School Guga in the present day Katsina state was bearing Dauda Ado only. 

His secondary school certificate which was obtained from Government Secondary School Kachia in 1982 was on the other hand bearing the name ADO DAUDA LAWAL.

His University first degree obtained on the 19th of September 1988, the NYSC discharge certificate obtained on the 17th September 1989 as well as the Masters Degree certificate obtained on the 11th January 1992 all from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria are uniformly bearing the name DAUDA LAWAL only.

In the affidavit he sworn to at the High Court of Justice of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja on the 20th April 2022 the name used by the PDP gubernatorial candidate is DAUDA LAWAL DARE while the one sworn to at the Supreme Court of Nigeria on the 12th Day of September 2018 via age declaration when he contested the APC gubernatorial position in 2019 was bearing DAUDA MUHAMMED LAWAL.

Regarding his date of birth, the declaration of age he made at the Supreme Court of Nigeria complex Abuja on the 12th September 2018, he declared that he was born on the 2nd September 1965 at Gusau, Gusau local government area of Zamfara state while in his certificate of completion of primary school his date of birth was reading 1964 and that he was born at Guga village in present day Katsina state not Gusau as claimed in the affidavit sworn-in in 2018.

Going through his years of primary school he stated that he undergoes his primary school studies from 1972-1977 instead of 1978 because logically, before the introduction of 6-3-3-4 system of education, pupils usually spent seven (7) years at the primary school as against six years as claimed by the gubernatorial candidate.

More worrisome, when one observed through his primary school certificate he will noticed some signs of alterations made to enclose the years as contained in the certificate he adopted at the INEC.


While we have no reason to cast aspersion as to the sincerity of what the PDP candidate has filed or adapted to the INEC, it is our responsibility to on behalf of the Zamfara citizens ask for clarification on the followings:

What is the accurate name of the PDP gubernatorial candidate of Zamfara because ordinarily, one person cannot be bearing four names. It is illogical and something that is beyond human reasoning. It is only the court that can offer accurate clarifications through the candidate. Logically again we cannot allow a candidate to participate in a political process where his accurate identical name is in doubt.

We also want the court to ascertain the actual year the Zamfara PDP gubernatorial candidate was born?. Is this the 1964 as claimed in his Primary certificate or 1965 as claimed in his declaration of age made under oath at the Supreme Court of Nigeria. This question is critical because there are hundreds of decided cases on issue of date of birth which the case of Zamfara PDP gubernatorial candidate shall not be an exception.

We also want the court to clearly verify for us where exactly the Zamfara PDP gubernatorial candidate was born. Is this Guga village in Katsina as claimed by him in his primary leaving certificate or Gusau as claimed in his affidavit sworn to at the Nigeria’s Apex Court?.

We also want the court to verify for the people of Zamfara whether an enrollee of the 1972 can finished his primary without graduating from class seven because from the facts, before the introduction 6-3-3-4 system of education pupils graduated from primary schools after attaining a class of seven not six as claimed by the PDP gubernatorial candidate of Zamfara?.

Lastly is for the court to determine whether by statutory laws of the land especially those guiding elections in Nigeria someone who has made false declaration of statements related to his requirements for qualification to contest cannot be challenged by the citizens.

And also whether if by the virtue of the dozens of decided cases the candidate of the PDP gubernatorial post in Zamfarashall not be disqualified from contesting if the suspicious allegations are established at the end of the litigation?.


One of the leaders of the organization Adamu Abdullahi said it was shocking that after evaluating the certified true copy of the documents submitted by the Zamfara PDP candidate it was shocking that, this type of confusion can be made deliberately or otherwise by someone who is claimed to be the option for the people of the state.

While the NGO and indeed the good people of Zamfara find it difficult to examine and assess the fact behind what to believe in the documents adopted by the candidate, it is only better if a competent court is approached so that clarity can be provided as to whet to believe about the PDP gubernatorial candidate for Zamfara.

This step taken is the right one in the right direction because there will be no reason why people with questionable narratives to the extent of identity can be allow to govern a vulnerable state that is undergoing reforms by the current administration which to a larger extent people are becoming convinced that right steps are taken.

It is the belief of the group that governance shall be seen beyond financial management which the PDP gubernatorial candidate claimed to be expert on. It is a corporate scientific business which shall be handled or allow in the hands of people of multi-facet experience in terms of human management, integrity, character and public confidence.

We were also curiously disturbed by the last political incident allegedly masterminded by the political action and in-action of the PDP gubernatorial candidate which resulted to the gunning down of innocent citizens of Zamfara in the pursuit of his desired political interest.

If a candidate with political ambition to become a Governor can allegedly resort to using deadly arms against innocent souls as claimed by the APC we believed a lot need to be done to understanding his sincerity of purpose and his true love for the people of Zamfara whom he wanted to govern.

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