Security Alert: Nigerian Government Warned, as collaborators Vowed to Remove President Buhari.

As Nigerians continue to panic over the recent security alert, experts have warned Nigerian government to take precautionary measures to guard against putting the country into anarchy. 

Investigations into the recent security alert over possible attacks on Nigeria's capital revealed that some top opposition politicians have been holding series of secret meetings at General Aliyu Mohammed's Gusau's Residence at Asokoro Abuja to perfect plans to cause the anarchy in the country. 

An inside source at the general Gusau's house said he saw General Gusau, Bafarawa,Tunde Ayeni, the immediate past chairman of Sky Bank and Dauda Lawan Dare, a former Executive Director of First Bank along with an Israeli citizen engaged in several meetings.

It may be recalled that the United States of America and the United Kingdom had warned of a possible terror attack in Abuja, especially targeted at government buildings, places of worship and schools, among others.

The governments of Australia, Ireland and Canada also raised alarm over a possible terror threat in the Nigeria’s capital.

Security experts who studied and analysed the alert, said the Nation's security and government should as a matter of urgency swing into action to investigate these allegations, to avert any possible risk of anarchy in the country.

One of the security experts Mohammed Abdulkadir Gwarzo said the security alert which is currently causing serious concerns and panic among Nigerians, particular in Abuja and its environs, has been perpetrated by some powerful Nigerians.

He said close monitoring of some recent activities and communications between and among these powerful Nigerian politicians and terrorists revealed how they have been engaged in a grand plan to scuttle the Nigerian democracy by causing a state of anarchy in the country.

Currently, Dauda Lawal Dare is in London to plan how to finance the project, which he promised to spend any amount to actualise the project. Dauda Lawal Dare is alleged to be in the custody of the funds looted by Nigeria's former minister of Petroleum Resources Dezani Alison Maduake.

Part of the plan according to them was to force President Mohammadu Buhari to either resign or be removed from office which will lead to constituting an interim government to be headed by General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau.

He said when the mission is accomplished, the group will conduct an election that will send the ruling APC out of power.

One of the group members Tunde Ayini is also said to have travelled out of the country with Atiku Abubakar planning the implementation and actualization of the mission.

The third member of the group who was a one time governor in northern Nigeria Attahiru Bafarawa is currently busy organising and recruiting terrorists, insurgents and Malams both within and outside the neighboring countries to be used in attacking various parts of the country simultaneously, untill when the target is achieved.

The security experts therefore warned Nigerian security and government to take urgetn steps to deal with the threat to save the country from the planned disaster.

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