Buhari must Resign, Zamfara PDP Gubernatorial Aspirant insist.

Following the rate of insecurity, hunger, poverty  and unemployment across Nigerian states, Zamfara Peoples Democratic Party Gubernatorial Aspirant Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare has demanded for immediate resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dauda Lawal Dare who was a very close associate of the former Nigerian petroleum minister Mrs Deizani Allison Maduekwe has call on the Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency resign his position as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with immediate effect to pave way for peace to reighn in the Nigeria.

Sahel medium reporter Collins James reliably gathered that Dr Lawal Dare was seriously opposing President Muhammadu Buhari from completing his term, saying " I used to be a strong supporter of the President, but since he woefully failed to his three cardinal promises of fighting corruption, securing the lives of Nigeria's and strengthening Nigeria economy, I am no longer in support of his continuous stay in the Presidential Villa. He should resign and apologise to Nigerians for the inability to deliver good governance to Nigerians."

The Ex Banker, who was responding to question on the move by the Nigeria's Senators to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari when he hosted some journalists to a dinner in London recently, said " Mr president should have been impeached by now, if not that the members of the National Assembly are corrupt and  incompetent."

He explained, "look at the rate of corruption in Nigeria. It is so alarming that every body does what he wants and get away with it. What kind of leadership are having in Nigeria. I did not intend to join politics in the first place, but because of this rotten government of Buhari and APC, I now decided to join politics and team up with Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President in the country to save Nigeria from corrupt leaders.

 " One can easily measure Buhari's government inseriousness in fighting corruption by the young man appointed to head the agency that fights corruption in the country. Look at the level of corruption in the country and the large volume of corrupt government officials, both serving and retired and appoint such a young and inexperience man to head such sensitive organisation." Dr Dare lamented.

Dr Lawal Dare said he used to have respect for President Buhari, but since he woefully failed to protect his own state Katsina which has turned to be a killing field and a strong hold of many dreaded bandits leaders, describing Nigeria an insecure environment.

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