Sahara Reporters Yellow Journalism: ICPC Vindicates Gen. Buratai.

I have been hearing and reading series of complaints against the act of yellow journalism, falsehood reportage, cock and bull stories that are geared towards tarnishing the image of many northern Nigerian leaders by Sahara Reporters, an online media platform.

In the first instance it took me quite a long time to believe, because of the way and manner the online medium started its journalism practice which fetched it a wide range of reputation in the early 20s.

During the early 20s many of the blog's stories were generally accepted for the realities and truth contained in the stories. However, the online medium had since negated the editorial values, professional ethics, objectivity, reliability, and of course, other fundamentals of journalism practice. Instead, the publisher is now using the platform to either extort money, commit tribal victimization, regional and or religious victimization and political Vedatta against especially, the highly respected  and responsible northern elites who sacrificed their lives, income, wisdom, and energy to save Nigeria from any form of Catastrophes. Now I have come to the conclusion that the allegations and complaints against the online medium are  indeed reality. The recent publication by the Sahara reporters against the calibre of highly respected and responsible  retired Infantry General, His Excellency T.Y Buratai, the current Nigerian ambassador to the Republic of Benin who was innocently accused by the online medium of ownership of large sums of money running into billions, Bulletproof vehicles including G-Waggons and some  customized Rolex wristwatches that were recovered by the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC at a House in Wuse Abuja,  which he knew nothing about.

This cock and bull story by the Sahara Reporters has brought shocks, wonders and dissappointment on the extent to which the online medium has gone beyond its boundries. To many  Nigerians and other Nationals  who knew General Tukur Buratai, were indeed astonished by the overzealous attitude of its editors and publisher in destroying the hard earned reputation of the retired general. This is because whoever knew General Buratai, knows him of good character and a responsible military  General of the highest order. A military officer who respects the rule of law and have Nigeria at the bottom of his heart.

From his track records of service, General Buratai is a disciplined, responsible, corruption- free and fighter who strongly believed in the course of Nigeria's development. Besides his giant strides in the fight against Boko Haram which he almost conquered when he was retired, if not for the remnants of the gorilla fighters among the insurgents, it will be too soon for northern Nigerians, especially where Bandits terrorise various communities to  forget the giant efforts of the Nigeria military under General Buratai's watch, during which he initiated and executed Operation Sahel Sanity that provided enabling environment to farmers to cultivate and harvest their crops without hindrances then.

It will also be surprised for Nigerians to so soon forget how General Buratai professionally saved Nigeria's democracy from the hand of Criminals who went round the country engaging themselves in wanton destruction of lives and properties of people in the name of ENDSARS protest, to mention, but a few of Gen Buratai's selfless service and sacrifice to Nigeria. 

I am however glad to see a quick response by the ICPC exonerating General Tukur Yusuf Buratai from this irresponsible junk journalism by the Sahara Reporters against the innocent General.

In view of the above, I wish to call on General Buratai's team of Lawyers to take immediate legal action against this misleading publication aimed at tarnishing the good image of their client.

Sani Maradun wrote from Gusau, Zamfara state- Nigeria.

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