2023: APC Sure Of Victory for Matawalle in Zamfara, Says Analyst

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State has perfected modalities to coast to victory in the 2023 general elections.

A Gusau-based public affairs analyst, Buhari Yunusa, in his findings, said: "Today, the APC in Zamfara State has been made stronger with two former governors and all her pioneer members now reuniting their interest with that of the sitting governor.

"The 2023 election is looking a lot more like 2019 where APC secured an overwhelming victory, but only this time, it will do so without a legal baggage weighing it down.

In his findings, Yunusa said: "Recently, APC members met under the leadership of the APC state chairman in Gusau to rejig and revalidate a ceasefire, as well as adopt strategies that will deliver the party in the polls come 2023. 

"In truth, the meeting was a show of force, a media spectacle to reassure teeming members of the APC that everyone is committed to the new atmosphere of peace within the party as it deploys every oar to steady the ship in its predicted home run to victory come 2023."

Yunusa lamented that "The APC in Zamfara was enmeshed in an orgy of very vicious infighting among high-ranking member, with some of the biggest masquerades in this face-off as erstwhile Senator, Kabiru Marafa, immediate past governor, Abdul’Aziz Yari and former governor, Sani Yarima."

According to him, "Party members in their numbers have been trooping into the home of erstwhile governor Abdul’Aziz Yari to congratulate him for taking the moral high ground to allow for the hatchet to be buried between him and Governor Matawalle in the interest of the party. 

"Senator Marafa has also been saluted by so many of his supporters for his gesture of peace, which has been described as both selfless and forward looking. The feeling around Gusau and the rest of Zamfara is gay.  

"Excitement over an all but assured APC victory has reawakened the hope of the masses on the party as the only vehicle upon which their collective growth and development can be negotiated.

He said: "Indeed the APC in Zamfara has risen above its mere existence as a party and had morphed into a viable movement peopled by individuals capable of suppressing their personal interest for the sake of the masses. All eyes then will be on the PDP to either find a way to settle their differences or take a box seat and watch as APC sweeps through Zamfara State in its victory parade."

According to Yunusa, "In a twist of fate, the PDP has entered into a new regime of crisis following the party's primary elections that have been dismissed as a sham and a charade by many. Already, Mahdi Gusau, erstwhile deputy governor to Governor Matawalle whose disgraceful show of moral bankruptcy and dearth of maturity before he was impeached by the state House of Assembly and other aggrieved members, have dragged the PDP to court seeking a complete annulment of the primaries, citing glaring irregularities.

"At this rate, it will appear the PDP is heading straight for a brick wall. Not that it will matter anymore, but the PDP, ever a party of little or no substance in Zamfara that is also now caught up in a legal battle in the year leading to elections, is a clear enough sign that APC will be without any opposition in the 2023 election."

With all these in place, it is advisable that the governor should ingore disractors, and continue to face development which he is already known for.

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