Without negotiating north, without negotiating south, the boasting, gear one cap wearing that went with akimbored hidden hands, flanked by his shoe carrying supposed party chairman who lived in the dream that his acting chairmanship position was a right that was challengeable in court having received callous assurances by their lawyer that the acting capacity was a mandate and with the right cash, he would certainly get it back, alaaasss!!! Like a snowman sprinkled with salt, all those guys who stubbornly refused to abide by the APC directive to revalidate their membership or lose it all, have now chickened away burying their faces at who knows where.

Their boss, Yari, while playing god, once in 2019, ahead of the last general elections, had allocated who would occupy what elective positions, sacked some from his list for not bowing down to the god’s whims, like the respective cronies and forced yet others to leave the party at an election time when more people and their followers were most needed to confirm politics as a game of numbers which all added to why and how the ruling APC in the state lost all the elective seats in that election when four out of five senior Supreme Court Judges threw all the supposed winning APC ballot papers in the dustbin and flushed them down the sewer.

Then came the decision by incumbent governor Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun to decamp from the PDP to the APC in order to join the political gladiators in the state like the first civilian governor, Sen. Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura as well as friends and associates even as Yari was then political leader under the APC in the state.

In his desperate move to hold on to leadership role, Yari who mobilized his people within and outside the APC, within and outside the state to deny Matawalle’s entry into the APC, because the party’s constitution says ‘where there is a sitting governor from the party in a state, such governor automatically is the party leader, thus Yari and his group with additional support from former Senator Kabiru Marafa fought tooth and nail to truncate the effort.

First they refused to revalidate Senator Bakura’s membership having accused him of convincing and encouraging Matawalle to join the party but in all, they failed as Matawalle ended up joining the APC and becoming its leader in the state.

This has been the position of the ‘no good’ people with varying interests up to the March 26, National Convention of the APC where they tried to use some arrogant and selfish politicians of their like minds to scuttle the national convention through a line-up of some party chieftains and boughtover media houses and platforms to stage what looked like a planned coup to remove the Caretaker Chairman of the party’s Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee and Yobe State Governor, Hon. Mai Mala Buni at a crucial time he was making effort to organize the national convention.

Although former governor Yari knew he was not qualified to run for the office of the APC National Chairman as the party said it would not allow anyone with ongoing EFCC case and later zoned the position to the northcentral geo-political zone, he still went and purchased the nomination form but was stranded as to how to get his state party chairman whom Yari never recognized to endorse it for him which was a pre-requisite in filling and accepting the nomination form.

Also while the preparations for the national convention were in top gear, Yari went and chilled out with security operatives until his state governor, His Excellency, Bello Matawalle in expression of care for his citizens went and secured Yari’s battered freedom.

Having been freed, Yari, using the Nigerian style of using ailments when in trouble, claimed an ailment and immediately flew to the UK probably to save his face from the possible way he would have been handled in attempting to even get into the convention venue.

As it is, the situation is a no no win, no winner, no vanquished between Yari and his blind followers since he busied them with the distribution of free feeding commodities to the poor at the begining of the Ramadhan fast so they can think less of his whereabouts.

Yari and his group need to learn from the experience of other people who lost elections and accept reality

Something very unusual in the Nigeria politics is that Abdulaziz Yari served his two terms as governor of Zamfara state and he will never return to the office as far as the Nigeria constitution is concerned so why must he try to kill himself healthwise and economically and at the end, be left with nothing but his family to live in squalor.

So he should be wiser, accept the truth and come to terms with the reality of life by seeing what is and has been happening as his unchanging destiny and the experience he must have in life.

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