On sunday April 17th 2022, the Nigerian social media platforms were awash of a story that the former Gov of Zamfara state and a one time chairman of the Nigeria Governors' Forum Abdulaziz Yari defected from the ruling All Progressives Congress APC to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP along with Senator Kabiru Marafa and their supporters.

Hours after that announcement by the PDP chairman in Zamfara, Senator Kabiru Mafara in a telephone interview with Tambarin Hausa tv countered that announcement by denying their defection to the PDP.

This cock and bull story has brought confusion, disarray and shame, not only within the Yari and Marafa camps, but to the PDP and the entire Nigerians.

The disagreement by Marafa is an indication that there has never been any agreement nor mutual trust and understanding amongst them.


Yari has been running helter skelter disagreeing with either the APC Zamfara or the National Headquarters of the party, not even the leader President Muhammadu Buhari who pleaded with aspirants of various position in the party leadership to consider consensus to have a virile and united party.

Yari has been spending humongous sums of money iince during the 2019 general elections to ensure he remains in power, as he never believed that every leader has his own time.

Investigations by this online medium however revealed that 6 evils are hunting the former governor. These are:

1. When the Supreme Court ruling that rendered Zamfara APC victory in all the contested seats in the 2019 general elections invalid, Yari said he has accepted the will of God. However, sooner or later he went back to the supreme court asking for a review of that judgement, a violation of embracing the will of Allah.

2. When Yari was handing over power to Matawalle on the 28th May 2019 in the Gov's office, he promised that he would never fight Matawalle as his childhood friend, but would give him an objective opposition to help him deliver for the people of Zamfara state. However, Yari violated this promise by using all forms of media platforms including social media to fight the Governor from all ramifications, diverting his attention from focussing and concentrating on the work of governance.

3. After the defection of Gov Matawalle to the APC to bring the warring factions into one family to face governance and deal decisively with the inherited insecurity in the state, Gov Matawalle followed Yari and Marafa to their residences and appealed to them to follow him and join hands with him to support him fight banditry in the state, Yari vehemently rejected the offer. As an elder statesman who once ruled the state for eight years, he supposed to have set good example as Allah SWT ordained all good muslims, especially considering Yari's knowledge of the Holy Quran.

4. Yari offended many people, especially when it came to their right and privileges as either citizens of the state or those he worked with as government officials. A special Adviser who served under Yari said they were denied their privileges  such as cars, land for houses and even their severance allowances. 

5. Yari was a mini god when he was in office as the governor of Zamfara state. He neither listened to advice or attended to complaints and grievances, unless when he has special personal interest in the issues requiring his attention.

6. Yari never cared about the security of lives and property of people, so much that he places less attention to serious state of killings, maiming, kidnapping and rapping of innocent people during his reign. People prayed badly against Yari and wished him bad luch after office.

These evils are surely hunting Yari and he needs to rethink and change his position of do or due politics and prayed Allah and those he offended to forgive him.

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