RE: Zamfara full of Blood and Royal Cadillac - By Adeola Soetan.

The attention of Zamfara state government is drawn by an article titled " Zamfara full of Blood and Royal Cadillac authored by one Adeola Soetan, sponsored by some unscrupulous and disgruntled mischief makers. The intention of these  unscrupulous elements in sponsoring this article was distracting the government from carrying5 out the good work it has been doing to the good people of Zamfara state. 

The misleading article is5 therefore, not only a sponsored media terrorism, but also an act of blindness and selfish interest of conflict entrepreneurs.

In fact, one wonders how Adeola Soetan who has never been to near Zamfara state in his life time and who doesn't know our Islamic culture and tradition, especially with regard to our traditional institutions and the value of of our religious leaders in the eye of our community, could make such a nasty comment and analysis on the state, misleading his readers, by giving them the impression that Zamfara is a killing field.

Let Adeola be informed categorically clear here that, Zamfara is a unique state and has unique tradition and culture that respect traditional institutions and religious leaders and hold5 the holy qur'an in high esteem, as well as the ways of doing things differently from the place he hailed from. 

This is why when governor Matawalle took the mantle of leadership in the state, decided to concentrate first on dealing with one of the most unholy act in the society, where Adeola's sponsors were dissicreating the Holy Qur'an, dumping its copies into toilets. His success in dealing with that dangerous and sad act has helped very significantly in cleansing the state of the mess it was thrown into by the Adeola's sponsors, which if not for that timely intervention, nobody knows what Zamfara state would have been today.

How I wish the author of the article knew Zamfara before the coming of Matawalle's government and the present condition, he wouldn't have said what he has said in his article. 

For almost a decade of the previous government, Zamfara never knew peace and was living in a state of anarchy, sadness and sorrow due to the magnitude and degree of mayhem the rural banditry had unleashed to the people. Where was Adeola then that he couldn't make this kind of unresearched, unfair, unbalanced and biased analysis?

For Adeola's information, the distribution and commissioning of the Ulama Consultative secretariat complex to provide conducive atmosphere for our religious leaders to concentrate and advise the government I'm critic decision making, was performed by His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar the third ( Number one Muslim Spritual Leader in Nigeria, with highest regards and reputation to his institution since time immemorial) who also expressed his gratitude and commended Governor Matawalle for his concern on the welfare of the two important institutions, which still remain the thread that holds our society together.

During the event, the Sultan called on the beneficiaries of the gesture to continue in their support to the administration of Governor Matawalle by rendering their best in ending the challenges facing the people.

In his remarks at the occasion, Governor Matawalle said the gesture was done in recognition of the status of the traditional institutions and the religious leaders, as the custodians of our religion and culture and vehicle of cohesion and peace in our societies.

"It is in view of the high esteem with which my administration regards our traditional leaders and institutions that we decided to procure brand new cars, Cadillac 2019 Model, for 17 Emirs, other lower class categories of vehicles for the 13 Senior District Heads and 230 District Heads across the State", the Governor revealed. 

Again, Governor Matawalle assured that his administration will continue to work with traditional and religious leaders to ensure lasting peace and harmony in the state.
So, someone, called Adeola who doesn't even know the position of traditional institutions in the eye of muslims and Islam, to attack His Excellency, Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state for making such move as part of efforts to tackle insecurity in the state, is not only disservice to the the good people of Zamfara state, but also total disrespect and insult to the institutions of Islam and the traditional institutions of our society,  must retract the article and apologise to the governor and government, our religious and traditional institutions of our dear state and people.

Let Adeola be informed categorically clear here that, Zamfara is a unique state and has unique tradition and culture that respect traditional institutions and religious leaders and hold the holy qur'an in high esteem, as well as the ways of doing things differently from the place he hailed from. 

 For Adeola to challenge the sultan, the Amirul Mumineen and the institutions of islam, is a great mistake and insult of the highest order, that no right thinking muslim should condoned.

It is disheartening that person like Adeola challenges the authorities of these leaders who have been making efforts to ensure peace and tranquility in our society. 

Where was Adeola when Governor Matawalle procured and distributed over 200 operational vehicles to our security operatives across the state? 

Did Adeola remind himself of the commendation of President Muhammadu Buhari for Gov Matawalle's efforts in tackling insecurity in Zamfara and other neighbouring states?

Did Adeola forget the number of kidnapped victims rescued by the government of Matawalle, after they were abandoned by the immediate past government of Zamfara?

Did Adeola forget the thousands of arms and ammunition recovered from repentant bandits in Zamfara state?

Did Adeola forget the recent commendation of governor Matawalle by Nigeren President before President Muhammadu Buhari when he last visited Nigeria fir the wonderful efforts and collaboration with Nigerien authorities in tackling insecurity along Nigeria - Niger border?

Did Adeola ever thought of the National Maulud hosted by the Government of Zamfara under Matawalle's leadership where over 3 million people stayed and celebrate the maulud for two weeks without any security incidents. How could that have achieved without relative peace and security in the state.

These are just, but a few handful efforts of the governor and his government towards tackling insecurity.

The sponsors of Adeola should therefore know that there is nothing they can so to distract the attention of Gov Matawalle and his government in dealing with rural and urban bandits. Soon after dealing the rural bandits, the government will focus its attention on the urban bandits. 
Our govenment is a government with an open door policy and welcomes criticisms, but positive criticisms.
Ibrahim Magaji Dosara          Commissioner for information

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