Literary, traditional leaders has been described by many scholars as the custodian of our Costumes and Customs, in other terms , they are the immediate chief security officers of their respective Emirates, Villages, and Hamlets so to say.

However, looking back to where Zamfara State was, and how it is now, without entertaining any argument one will remember how the previous administration intentionally denied logistics to Zamfara State traditional leaders especially the Emirs who if the previous administration allow to perform their Constitutional roles in tackling insecurity challenges effectively Zamfara State wouldn’t have found herself with numerous security challenges.

It has been in the records where some Zamfara State Emirs find it very difficult to come to Gusau the State capital for any emergency meeting due to the lack of functional Vehicles which I strongly believed it was a slap and shameful to any reasonable leader at that moment when their fellow traditional leaders from other states are enjoying all the privileges accord to their respective Stools.

The state Judges also happen to be the Victims of the previous administration, previously, before the emergence of governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle everyone can bear me a witnessed that most of Zamfara State Higher Court Judges were riding on Motor bikes some even trek to their respective Courts rooms simply for lack of official Vehicles which governor Matawalle found unfortunate and immediately equipped all of them with a brand new Vehicle for effective service delivery.

Now, what is wrong for Matawalle government to make those that are closer to their wards comfortable? ( the traditional leaders ) when other states are securing private Jets, exotic Vehicles for their Chiefs to meet up with their traditional responsibilities.

In my opinion, I think Zamfara State formidable oppositions should congratulate the government and tender unreserved apology to the Emirs for making life difficult for them in allowing them to discharge their constitutional roles

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