Zamfara governor Yari’s move to defect from the ruling APC to the main opposition PDP has suffered a setback following the refusal of the PDP stakeholders involved in the negotiations to accept Yari’s attempt to takeover all the structures of the PDP in the state.

The former governor was strongly and roundly accused of causing the lost of the APC at the 2019 elections in the state where he single-handedly appointed who was to occupy all the elective positions which later led to a Supreme Court ruling that sacked all the APC elective positions in that election.

At yesterday’s meeting which was aimed at sealing the deal and for Yari and his few remaining loyalists to formally announce their defection to the PDP, the meeting came to an abrupt end with some of the main PDP stakeholders when Yari insisted that his boys must occupy positions such as those of the state chairman’s as well as who should be the governorship flag-bearer and two senatorial seats.

At the moment, the meeting has been stalemated and the defection move has been put on hold with not date in forcast.

According to an insider source at the meeting who wants to remain anonymous in order to get further information, the Yari group having been exposed of the planned defection move, initially to be announced this Wednesday night, the refusal of many more Yari loyalists to follow him to the PDP saying they will rather go into the NNPP and worst still, the refusal of the PDP stakeholders to bend to Yari’s selfish request to virtually pocket the PDP in Zamfara have left the former governor’s group highly disorganized and wantonly confused on what their next move should be as the group speedily grows thinner in number.

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