Zamfara State is known for its political Party hegemony since 1999. Its undisputable political godfather, Ahmad Sani (Yariman Bakura) set the pace. He consolidated the rule of the All People’s Party (APP) which saw him to power as the first Civilian and democratic Governor of the young Zamfara state. He practically built the present political class in the state as we know it.

Ahmad Sani, no doubt, was a sage. He built humans and humanity. He created a political class that was robust and responsive. His political Party, the APP, became the mortar-for-the-pestle to the people. It had all opinion leaders from the nooks and corners of the state in its kitty and became the official Party of the people. Hence, when it transformed into ANPP and later, merged with like minds to form the APC, the confidence of the people in the state still remained unshaken.

Dr Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Barden Hausa, Shattiman Sakkwato), is one heavyweight in this emerging political metamorphosis in Zamfara state. He was among the nucleus of Yarima’s political class and, later, an edifice of political skyscraper on his own right. However, somewhere along the line, he was politically hurt and he momentarily bolted out of the dominant party for the relatively obscure PDP in the state.

In politics, one has to stand online sometimes to prove his worth. Dr Matawalle stood alone in the opposing PDP and proved his point. He clutched the office he bade for, under the unlikely PDP and repeated it. That’s his victory number one

He did not stop at that but he pushed the luck of PDP in the state fast and further until he got for The Party the Governorship of the state, a feat a sitting Governor who embraced the Party failed to do. That’s his victory number two.

However, the soul and spirit of Matawalle is with his people. It is in APC. This is even as Matawalle was the soul of PDP. He was, therefore, beckoned by his friends, associates, supporters and mentors such as Ahmad Sani, to return home. So he did. In doing so, he went away with tye soul of PDP That’s victory number three.

In a grand style, a political grand-design (not a happenstance), the chicken return to roost. Matawalle and his people returned home. As expected, he was resisted by those who thought they still held The Party. However, Zamfara people know better. Here is a group of failures who almost crashed the fortunes of the Party if not for the fact that the benefitting opposition was in the safe hands of Matawalle. He’s now returned the pride if the party and its mandate back to Zamfara people. With this development, there is no debate really, over the right of leadership.

Matawalle’s re-entry into the Party was resisted. His leadership of the Party was challenged. The Party’s hegemony was threatened with mannerless factions. However, these must all come to rest as the National body of the party has endorsed the leadership right to Governor Bello Mohammed, Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato. His victory number four.

Now, the new Sheriff in town has warned. No more factions in the name of APC in Zamfara. No more divide and rule in the APC of Zamfara. Authority now lies in the young and energetic leadership of the APC in Zamfara State under the leadership of Alhaji Tukur Dan Fulani Maikatako. Hence, for the interest of Zamfara state, and for the interest of one’s self, we all say “A BI LIMAN …..!”

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