I came across an interview purported to have been granted by one Faruk Shatiman Rijiya and published by Punch Newspaper of 13th February, 2022.

 That interview thrown me into laughter, as the aclaimed interviewee made himself, if at all, he granted that interview, a ramshackle bugaboo, who does not know his left and right in politics.

 I would have not bordered myself in responding, but as a bonafide indigene of Zamfara state and a public commentator who has been following trend of events as they unfold in my state, as part of my contribution to the development of my state, I feel obliged to drop some hints, especially on the blind and wild allegations contained in the concocted interview, so that the general public can be guided to see and judge who the kind of person Faruk Shatiman Rijiya is and who His Excellency Governor Matawalle is. 

As a native of Gusau, where Shatiman Rijiya hailed from and I know the kind of person he is. If at all, it was Shatiman Rijiya that granted that trash, called interview, I must note, with amazement, how gullible the State Secretary of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) appeared in an interview he was said to have conducted with the Zamfara State’s correspondent of the Punch Newspaper.

 This is even more laughable when (he) Shatiman Rijiya, who was all over media praising Gov Matawalle on the giant strides he made in both the security and infrastructural development in Zamfara state, is said to have granted that rubbish interview.

 If it is true that the Zamfara chapter of the PDP scribe granted that interview, it is then unfortunate, astonishing and disgraceful to the party.  

It has shown how incompetent, shameful and misguided party EXCO scribe Faruk Shatiman Rijiya is. Let me start by asking him to recall those days he was serving as the party publicity secretary, when he became blindfolded wooing the governor, praising him for the same things he is now criticising, especially by asking His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle to resign on security ground. 

It is obvious that the opposition will not be happy as claimed by the said party scribe, certainly not on insecurity bedeviling the state, but on political ground that Matawalle’s defection costs their party. 

First of all, to portray himself a party scribe without capacity confitence, to respond to questions from the journalist during the interview in common diction, it was interpreted to him, as he could neither reads no writes. How can an opposition that has ruled Nigeria for over 2 decades ( Miserably, though) could afford appointing a person that has never gone to school for even ones in his life, as its secretary in a state that the party never won election ever once, since restoration of democracy in Nigeria, until when Gov Matawalle contested the seat of Gov under the party.

Anyway, I shouldn't be surprised as it is the type of opposition the PDP has been engaged on as its style of opposition, rather than objective critsms that can foster progress and development, promotes peace and tranquility in our nation. It may be recalled that the same PDP have been asking President Muhammadu Buhari to resign in a record instances. In essence it will be understood that its the party’s style of telling a particular politician that they are afraid of facing during elections.

 Therefore, they are registering their fear that, Governor Bello Matawalle is no match for them, than their expectations politically.

You may not like Governor Bello Matawalle but you can not question his commitment in tackling banditry and other forms of insecurity in the state.

The said party secretary should have recalled that this administration inherited the problems of banditry, cattle rustling and kidnapping, which started about ten years before Gov Matawalle's assumption in office as the Executive governor of the state. 

Perhaps, Faruk Shatiman Rijiya has forgot

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