Its no news that the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, Mahadi Ali Gusua has been impeached and a new deputy governor has soon be sworn in.

Mahadi Ali Gusua is the son of Lt. Gen Aliyu Gusau(Rtd), a respected army general and spy chief, but this latest move by my assessment completed the demystification of the old general who many call the fox with many lives.

The first instance which suggested the demystification of the old General was the insecurity which has plagued his home state for many years. One was left wondering why and how is reputation was never brought to bear on the fight on banditry and terrorism even when he had an increased stakes when his son became the deputy governor. It made a mockery of the age long saying that “charity begins at home”.

The second instance was how the old General lost his voice, wit and expertise such that there was no reportage of an expression of his reservation or suggestions on how to keep the state safe.

Now with the impeachment of his son as deputy governor, even in the face of allegation of financial inducement of members of the State House of Assembly to the tune of N20m each, the once feared and revered general was disregarded as the State House of Assembly went ahead with the process and saw it through.

Truly, nothing last forever… be it a dynasty, success, glory or deification.

Wow! An end of an era.

Deyemi Saka

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