By  Danladi Malami political Analyst  from Kano

Prior to the press released by the Zamfara State Deputy Governor Barr. Mahdi Aliyu Gusau this evening 20th February 2022 Challenging his impeachment process by the Zamfara state Assembly for the multiple sins he committed against the State, the Deputy Governor. During the press briefing, one could noticed the vomited arrogant words coming from Mahdi undermining the legal legitimate process constituted by the state Chief Judge,Her Lordship Justice Kulu Isah Aliyu to investigate the conducts of the Deputy Governor on either to vacate the office as the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State or not.

As a lay man, of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, Mahdi Aliyu Gusau press released was a gigantic Slap, provocative and disrespect to The Zamfara State chief Judge, however, in African literature, Your father Age mate is your father,like wise your Mother age mate is your Mother, therefore, Mahdi Aliyu Gusau as Lawyer has shown to the entire Judicial system and Africans the kind of Home training he enjoyed by describing the whole state Chief Judge committee as Kangaroo which I believed Her Lordship Justice Kulu Isah Aliyu last Child is older than Mahdi.

I think At this moment, the Deputy Governor should please carefully read the Nigeria constitution before crying without tears.

I am fully aware that Mahdi Aliyu Gusau as the Deputy Governor has abandoned his office and official functions for the period of 5 Months without any legitimate excuse and has been enjoying salary, Monthly Cash Allocation amounting to millions of Naira yet ignored to understand the Consequences of his arrogant actions.

It’s not a liar, neither accusation, the State Assembly openly refused to collect a bribe from Mahdi three step flow model to frustrate the legitimate impeachment process, all what Zamfara State Assembly are saying is the law must prevail to serve as a lesson to others.

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