I do not know why vocal Nigerians in the diaspora hated everything about us back home. From Farouq Kperogi to Bukar Bulama Bukarti, every time you see them on the net, it is one vituperation about their Country and their leaders back home or another. Now, they have gotten another number added to their list, in the name of Jafar Jafar, a run-away journalist who now resides in the UK, I think.

The man Jafar presents himself as the upright journalist, a social crusader and an activist. He is hailed, gullibly though, by many of his admirers. However, beyond that seemingly fine journalist might be a sponsored hatchet-jobber, a bitter writer who sold his pen and the ink in his pen to the other side of fairness and justice, two cardinal principles of fair journalism. He has also developed a finger-tip cancer for writing bunkum.

He dwelled on Zamfara Government this time around over the impeachment of former Deputy Governor, Mahdi Aliyu Gusau. In spite of why Jafar is bitter with the Government of Zamfara State, I find his submission over the impeachment procedure which he shamelessly said it all happened in one day, very annoying and disgrace to a social critic which he claims to be. Never miss nd the fine cluster of words, these type of diaspora always expose their utter ignorant rance of what happens back home. They always rely on “tokumbo” information to unleash such trash they call artocles.

Thet true impeachment procedure is recorded as follows: First the Speaker to the House received complaint against the former Deputy Governor from the chairman, House committee on Public Accounts on friday 04/02/2022 as required by the law.
The speaker during plenary session acknowledged receipt of the petition on tuesday the 8th of February 2022.

The Speaker of the House, then (also during another plenary on Thursday 10th February) mandated the clerk to the House to serve each member with the gross allegations for them to study them and report back to plenary within 5 days which they all did.

Members of the House (also during another plenary on Tuesday, 15th February) presented their individual report that serious constitutional breaches were made by the former Deputy governor and resolved to vote for constituting a panel of investigation to try him of these huge allegations and passed same resolution to the Chief Judge to constitute the said panel.

The state Chief Judge in accordance with the provision of section 188(5), constituted the investigative panel on Thursday 17th February 2022.
The panel swung into action and found the Former Deputy Governor liable.

Early on Wednesday, 23rd February, the (Rtd) Justice Haladu Tanko Soba Committee submitted its findings to the Speaker where the House immediately went into plenary and adopted the report in its totality and voted for the impeachment of the former Deputy Governor.

While this was going on in the House the secretariat transmit ted to the executive the resolution of the House also vice-versa the executive wrote to the House the nomination of the new Deputy governor and was screened and subsequently confirmed by the House accordingly.

Although even Jafar did not point to any constitutional breach in procedure (although he was jeering at it), he was wisely tailoring the thinking of his readers to that direction. But one wonders where there was a breach in that procedure. As for the wicked pointer to Security situation in Zamfara State, we all know our Government is doing its best to curtain and even end it. Those who think otherwise are those who trade in our meeting misfortune to enrich themselves.

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