The attention of the Zamfara State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC has been drawn to a press conference by the PDP Chairman, Col Bala Mande rtd where he made some accusations which are the reserves of either the police or the judiciary like issuance of warrant and or arrest which the governor nor the APC lack powers to execute.

The attitude of people perceived as elders in the opposition PDP in Zamfara through lies and mischief against the APC and the state’s Chief Executive, Hon. Bello Mohammed Matawalle MON is certainly getting out of hand and deliberately targeted at heating the polity via their desperation to clinch to power by hook or crook.

It is disheartening to see a former security officer, former governor and a retired army colonel coming to public glare to say many things that are untrue.

This is an abuse of the level playing ground provided by the focused leadership of governor Matawalle and the established harmony, respect and understanding enjoyed by APC leadership and our youths who have continued to be law abiding.

There has been no time that the PDP mischievously raised any issue that we did not appropriately respond even when they do not have evidence over such claims including the issue of security, how government fund are used and most importantly, the trips undertaken by the governor in search of ways to address insecurity and bringing investment to boost the state’s economy and generate employment opportunities to our youths and women.

The PDP however, never sees anything good in the government. For instance and lately when the governor while in company of his colleagues from Kebbi and Jigawa states went to Niger Republic to discuss security issues, the opposition PDP only saw Matawalle there minus the other governors and they have been using the entertainment aspect of the visit, which is local wrestling organized by the host country and government rather than the main issue even as the media aides to the governor issued releases on why the trip took place.

They try as always to draw public sympathy by leaving the main issues for trivialities. When the state government set up investigation on Professor Kabiru Jabaka over allegations of corruption he perpetrated while as Chairman of the state’s Zakkat and Endowment Board, in order to cover his tracks and guilt, he ran for cover in the PDP accusing the government of spending unverified monies while his issue has been confirmed.

The former dictator chairman of the party who even though a retired colonel never contributed anything to address insecurity situation in the state is now calling Matawalle a dictator and since he cannot differentiate between government and the security, he now said the government is after the arrest of the noisy Jabaka.

It is high time the so-called elders stop the hide and seek self destructive agenda setting and conduct themselves with maturity or time will go against them.

For the PDP to be crying woefully for the evils they committed which is now witch-hunting them, they are making unnecessary accusations against APC and Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle.

I believe if Governor Matawalle is muscling opposition in Zamfara state, he would not have allowed the PDP to open its office opposite the state Ministry of Finance freely.

The press conference addressed by the PDP Chairman where he gave outrageous figure of of the casualties recorded in the recent attacks at Anka and Bukkuyum local government even as the two emirs gave the exact figures of 58 before the governor and the state security agencies was a direct security breach unless if he is trying to raise our suspicions.

But I will not be surprised of his claims because they were not happy with the number because what the PDP and its state leadership want to hear is the news of large scale killings, kidnappings and rustling so as to start jubilation and sharing the news on different flatforms in their animalistic thoughts.

So for the issue of Jabaka, I advised them to allow him go face his woes squarely according to laws of the land rather than shifting blames against others.

Let them know that APC in Zamfara state under governor Matawalle is prospering very fast and no amount of blackmail will change its fortunes in the state

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