I came across an article written by a faceless pen name who sounded like a frustrated rumour monger trying to mislead his innocent readers and followers to please his pay masters.

Initially, I thought of ignoring him, but after giving it a second thought, I felt unfair to those who do not know Zamfara state and Gov Bello Matawallen Maradun.

In the first instance, let me tell him what Gov Matawalle has done to defeat his pay master who spent 8 good years running helter skelter like a pendulum along UK – US – Dubai – China axis of the world devides, leaving the innocent people of the state at the mercy of armed bandits, without anything to justify his expenditures from the government treasury. It is as a result if his total negligence that the issue if armed banditryvescalate to the level it is today in the north western and north central Nigeria exposing innocent people, including women and children and the vulnerable.
Unlike your pay master, governor Bello Matawalle achieved just within the 100 days of his government, what the former governor could not achieve in the 8 year period of his government.

For the first time in 8 years, Zamfara people slept with their two eyes closed for almost a year, without any incidents of killing, kidnapping, maiming, rapping, cattle rustling or attack on any community, following the Swift and decisive actions of Gov Matawalle to deal with the crisis that took almost a decade then in the state.
The governor also rescued over 2000 kidnapped victims comprising indigenes and many from other states, including foreigners who were kidnapped during your pay master’s government. This is in addition to the large cache of weapons retrieved from the repentant bandits.
This is a fact that can not be disputed by anyone, including your pay Masters, until when those paying you to incit the public against the government that is doing everything humanly possible to bring a lasting solution to the decade crisis that has been consuming ives and property of innocent people. If not for the subversive activities of your pay masters and other conflict entrepreneurs who sabotaged Matawalle’s efforts in bringing sanity and security of lives of the people, Zamfara would have been in total peace by now. This alone is justifiable enough for Matawalle to have travelled anywhere in the world, in search of viable solution to the problem that is consuming hundreds of thousands of lives of the people he swire to protect, as the fundamental function of government anywhere in the world.

Since you have agreed as you said it yourself…….”who have claimed to sign another agreement at UNGA were end up meeting with UN deputy secretary…… “…..What agreement Matawalle went to sign? Security or commerce? Where is Mamman chafe?”

This is why I said you are either an ignorant of the highest irder, or your eyes have closed due to the envy and that you could not reasonably think of the fact that Zamfara is a state in dire need of both security and commerce to develop. For Governor Matawalle to have had meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations with his commissioner of commerce us a great achievement your pay master never had an opportunity of that magnitude throughout his 8 years of governing Zamfafara state. Again, for Gov Matawalle to have such opportunity have an executive meeting with Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, means something hopeful and positive is happening and coming up for our state.

Currently, the state is fighting serious war against bandits and DIG Namman Tsafe rtd, is at the centre of the fight, leading and guiding the security agencies carrying out the fight to the bandits enclaves. His presence at home is more beneficial to the state, since the governor is there.

You also said….”Matawalle signs MoU with Chinese investors since last two years when he visited China with his wife.” I do not blame you, since you don’t even know what signing up of an MoU means. It is also unfortunate that you were blindfolded by your envious opposition to have forgotten the COVID-19 pandemic which emanated from China and invaded the whole world, preventing travels and forced lockdown all over the world.

Let me also take you to the other areas His Excellency Gov Matawalle wonderfully performed, apart from the security aspect.

1. HEALTH: The faceless Mijinyawa failed to Mention that Gov Matawalle’s administration has built healthcare facilities in each of the 147 Wards in all the 14 local government areas across the state, fully equipped waiting for Commissioning.

2. CONSCRUCTION WORKS: Mr Mijinyawa, if at all you exist, you have also forgeten that the Gusau International Cargo Airport is almost nearing completion, the Conference Centre at JB Yakubu Secretariat is about to complete. The New facelift given to the Government House with total reconstruction with high quality of tastes and edifice, the Ruga Settlement that is almost completed to settle repentant bandits and their families to go justice to all manner of people, the Abuja and Kaduna Liaison Offices upgraded to international standard, Roads in both Gusau metropolis and other areas of the state, just to mention, but a few of these projects, despite the insecurity challenge the governor is tackling head on, with mountain of diversion brought by your pay masters in the name of political opposition.

3. EDUCATION: Did Faceless Mijinyawa forget that, the Zamfara Students were denied their results by NECO & WAEC for two Consecutive years during the previous administration of his pay master, but today Governor Bello Matawalle’s administration had settled the bills and students have gotten their results, with many of them admitted in various universities and other institutions of high learning, both within and outside the country? This is in addition to the sponsorship of further 200 other Zamfara State indigenes abroad to study medical and engineering courses.

4. POVERTY ALIEVIATION PROGRAM: I Strongly believed that, the promising youths and women in Zamfara state will sure response to this very important issue positively, as they can bear me witness that every month, 180, 000 women get 20, 000 each for petty trades to support their families as part of Matawalle’s human development scheme. This program is being run under the office of Her Excellency, the First Lady. While 40 million naira is being expended monthly to assist our teeming unemployed youths with 10,000 naira to each if the beneficiaries, to engage then under the government ZASIP Program.

May be Mijinyawa’s envious mind was so much closed to have forgotten too soon that: 1. 10 billion Naira meant for the Construction of Gusau International Cargo Airport by the previous administration was diverted by his pay master.

2. The diversion of the 60 Million Naira for the renovation of Secondary School Dan Sadau by the Previous administration.

3. The 250 Million Naira diverted monthly from the state Ministry for Local Government throughout the eight years of his pay masters tenure.

4. May be the author has also forgotten the billions of Naira Bailout Funds given to Zamfara State, but diverted by his pay master?

5. Can you also remember the Paris Club Funds diverted by your pay master, and is now costing the state 1.8 billion naira monthly deduction directly from the source out of the state monthly allocation from the federal government.
6. May be Mr Mijinyawa has as well forgotten the Bars of Gold his pay master stole from Zamfara gold fields illegally, but allegedly intercepted at the Kokota International airport Ghana recently.
The list is inexhaustible as I can go on and on Mr Mijinyawa. So, fir us the good people of Zamfara state, we are contained with the efforts of Gov Bello Matawalle’s government and we will continue to support him always. Aliyu Salihu Guaau is of number 42 B Auna Road, Kaduna

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